11 thoughts on “Bashar Al Assad”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hello, i am looking for a way to get in contact with some one thery close of the President Bashar Al-Assad. Phone or fax, because all my tentatives by e-mail were
    I am french 50 years old, Under officer of french army. I follow the ideal (objectif) to offer my modest help to the president and his people.
    Thank you thery mutch to answer here !


  2. good luck guys, take care,
    from New Zealand!


  3. save syria


  4. I am an American & this is what I would like to say.
    Which side should the US support?

    Have we not learned our lesson in Egypt? How is replacing a dictator with another a smart thing? Mubarak may have been a dictator but he kept the peace in the Middle East and he FED HIS PEOPLE. He also allowed certain amount of democracy, not to mention religious freedom for Coptic Christians!!!

    Assad maybe a dictator but millions of Catholics and Christians were able to enjoy their religious freedom under Assad & his father. Does anyone think that it’s really smart to support Al Qaeda affiliated rebels?

    Al Qaeda is the sworn enemy of the USA!!! I urge Obama to support Assad now!!! Assad is fighting against the perpetrators of 911.

    Shame on you Obama for not supporting Assad.


    • I totally agreed with your opinion in my opinion is almost the same it’s what I believed strongly,but President Obama it’s in a very difficult place and he has to continue what the Bush administration start 1980 – 1981 “The Gulf War” since the first Bush start this “TERRORIST ATTACK” in the middle east unfortunately or they kill him like the way they did with President Kennedy in 1963 . He has to play to the Republicans remember is the majority in the senate, the sad thing is so many innocent lives are the real victims, good people with the same values than anybody else in the world this is most of the time a terrible world, but must be something bigger than us to recompense for so much suffering.


    • Egypt has a good leader now. One not in the pocket of Israel, like Obama and others. The perpetrator of 911 was Mossad intelligence and there lackeys.


    • 911 was inside job. And those jihadists are just a product of America.
      America is the biggest terrorist in the world.


  5. Tania Boulos said:

    Hello ,
    I am Syrian in Australia . We LOVE Bashar Al Assad . He has protected Syria and now the west including my country Australia , are funding the terriosts that r in Syria . I am one of the organisers of “HAnds Off Syria” we had a rally with thousand of support of Syria , its people , its government and its President , Doctor Bashar Al Assad 😉
    Much love for SYRIA


  6. Everytime I look at that Saudi Retard Faud I feel like throwing up. Seriously, would you believe the majority of Syrians would exchange Assad (respectable/educated) for someone like him?? lol. The West will have you believe so.


  7. why cant I view this video on here, i watched it on youtube and it is a beautiful video


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