10 thoughts on “10 Million Show Their Support in One Rally”

  1. please fix the link, if you cannot post on youtube, please place copy of video on your site and share, people need to tsee the truth


  2. yuri Brother of Michael said:

    Lyrics to Little Moon :

    There’s a city, on the top of the mountains,
    I used to go there as a child.
    And there’s a forgotten forest there,
    full of those drunken trees.
    They look like they’re falling apart you know,
    just like the people there, those fools.
    Oh no, don’t get me wrong it’s, it’s a wonderful place.
    I’m actually headed towards the mountains right now.
    My train should arrive any minute now.
    You can follow me if you want,
    I mean if you have time.

    Birds are leaving over here
    I saw them sail away
    They looked just like saints
    Little one
    The Hastings Caves State Reserve offers visitors a variety of experiences, from relaxing in the warm waters of a thermal springs pool, walking in the rich forests of the reserve and, the unique experience of exploring Newdegate Cave. Both the thermal pool and the trail which leads through the surrounding forests are accessible to wheelchair users.


  3. yuri obamas way no way said:



  4. yuri laughing all the way with TAA said:

    YES THERE IS!now he has the help of TURKEY!LONG LIVE FREEDOM!wait you will see……


  5. lino bonnichi said:

    congratulations for bashar al-assad for this braver peoples, in fact, bashar al-assad deserve this people and free syrian baathism people was deserve resistence brave regime like basahar al-assad regime. lino bonnichi


    • Assad only won the victory in Quasair with the help of Hezbollah, what’s he going to do now the Rebel Opposition is receiving outside aid from US and another source of Friends of Syria Group (Friends of Syria group includes the US, Britain, France and Germany as well as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan). Until Hezbollah joined in the fight and Russia supplied MORE WEAPONS shortly before the attack by Regime upon Quasair Assad was failing miserabely at keeping control of his territories from the Rebels. In all this fighting, his more advanced weapons of air power, have brought Damascus and other cities to RUIN! It’s senseless for all this death and destruction to continue for the sake of just mans intense GREED FOR POWER! The country, the people, will never come together until Assad STEP’S DOWN! It is only logical to see a country cannot run when it is torn and divided on WHO the people want to have run it. Someone else, that both sides agree to, needs to run the country and for Syria, and it’s people to re-unite and rebuild the “Bombing Mess” of destroyed buildings Assad has left in the wake of his struggle to remain in power, a NEW government with a new goal for the people and new leader needs to be put in place. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!!!


      • Please get your facts straight, before making stupid comments. You are obviously a person who wants Sharia Law to be spread around the world. You have no idea what you are talking about. Show the evidence for your claims in the future.


      • yuri obamas way no way said:

        at this point we sould be reading Chaucer The Canterbury Tales,The Knight’s Tale,the Terry Jones one is better,The Chaucer Review © 1987 Penn State University Press.maybe thankyou!


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