Demonstrations Against US and France

Damascus, (SANA) –

A protest on Thursday was staged outside the French Embassy in Damascus including hundreds of people who were carrying signboards calling on France not to interfere in Syria’s internal affairs and condemning the French role in igniting the international public opinion against Syria.

Participants in the protest called on the French government to respect the will of the Syrian people and stop supporting the terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, another protest was staged outside the US Embassy in Damascus condemning the US policies.

A protester told SANA reporter that they are holding the protest to tell the US not to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria.

Another protester said, “We want to tell the US that that conspiracy has been discovered. This Friday is going to be the Friday of Victory for Syria”.

The two protests ended as the time allowed for them finished according to the license they had in implementation of the legislative decree No 54 for 2011 stipulating for regulating peaceful protests.

In Aleppo city hundreds of citizens staged a sit-in outside the French Consulate carrying candles in condemnation of the French stances and attempts to interfere in Syria’s internal affairs.

Fadi Allafi /Mazen Eyon

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