Nun Hatune Dogan About the Biased Western Media.

The politic blog has made an approximately half-hour phone interview with Nun Hatune Dogan on last Thursday. Nun Hatune Dogan has just returned from a lengthy trip through Syria.

It is worthwhile to take the half hour and to really watch the interview with Nun Dogan, who just came back from Syria. The video is in German language, but probably we are able to deliver a version with English subtitle soon. This is the English translation of parts of the interview.

The Nun Hatune Dogan is not totally consciously about the geopolitical background of what is happening in and about Syria, but she describes her experiences based on site in great details and thus also mentions the great crime that is currently happening in Syria, also with the “help” of some Western governments.
Here are the English translations of some core content of the interview with NunHatune Dogan:

The insurgents in Syria are radical Islamists, poor people, who have especially entrenched in the mountains, and get money and weapons from abroad.

The insurgents perform murderous attacks on Syrian soldiers.

The term “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) for the insurgents is largely unknown at the general Syrian population.

The insurgents carry out murderous attacks on civilians, and push these crimes in the shoes of the Syrian government afterwards (SN: false-flag crimes against civilians to blame the Syrian government); they partially wear captured Syrian army uniforms and also drive captured Syrian army vehicles while committing these crimes.

The insurgents attack targeted Christians and Alawites, and they entrench themselves in churches, thus they can then assert that the government would attack churches (SN: and mosques).

The Syrian army does not fire on peaceful demonstrators, the assertion of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), they would protect peaceful demonstrators, is a lie. Rather, they are the rebels who abuse the demonstrations to armed provocations.

The Western media coverage of Syria is lying to 95%, it is invented and exaggerated; and the perpetrators and victims of terror in Syria are systematically reversed in the Western reporting.

Should the insurgents, which are supported by the West, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, succeed to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, it is to expect that the radical Islamists are going to commit genocides against Christians and Alawites.

Sister / Nun Dogan Hatune calls on all politicians and journalists to not make themselves guilty in the genocide of the Syrian Christians and Alawites, to refrain from trying to overthrow Bashar Assad, and to stop spreading lies, which are delivered by the terrorists, about the Syrian government (SN: and the situation).

6 thoughts on “Nun Hatune Dogan About the Biased Western Media.”

  1. David Woolmer said:

    Barbara, why do you think that the USA is so slow and ineffective in sending any real military aid to Syria? It is because it has a Muslim President.


  2. usa and saudi give weapons to isis to murder christian minority kurdish minorities and thousand of innocent muslims .wherever HILLARYgoes christians and innocent people die (see egypt muslim brotherood) wherever MCCAIN goes christian die (egypt ,iraq ,syria quatari ) SADDAM HUSSEIN protected christian america kills them .for oil .fuck america


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