The Conspiracy Against Syria

Are these Peaceful Protestors or Terrorists??

TRUTH NEWS ALERT FROM SYRIA – UNHRC & Victims of terror : 2011- 04 – 30

General Union of Arab Students: Terrorist Conspiracy against Syria Targets Unity, Stability and Security

The General Union of Arab Students has strongly condemned the conspiracy against Syria targeting its unity, security and stability.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Union voiced appreciation of the Syrian people’s steadfastness, their rallying around the wise leadership and the honorable role in foiling the dangerous conspiracy and continuing development and reform process.

The Union saw that the conspiracy is hatched and funded by foreign powers, pointing out that it seeks to undermine Syria’s unity and steadfastness in the face of suspicious schemes, the terrorist Zionist occupation and the western hegemony in the region.

The Union strongly rejected media war, led by misleading channels, depending on fabricated videos of false witnesses, falsification of the facts, misinformation and distortion campaigns and villainous schemes to sow sectarian sedition among the Syrian people.

R. Milhem / al-Ibrahim

1 thought on “Terrorists”

  1. All Free Peoples of the world West or East should know the reality behind this fierce reactionary attack against Syria . The Saudis are the serpent’s head in this campaign.Should the people of the civilized world move a further step in their fighting against radical so called” Islamic terrorism”,because real Islam has never and never is terrorist in nature, they must stand strongly on Syria’s side because battle against terrorism is battle for the safety of all peoples of the world!


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