SYRIA: (Warning) “Peaceful Protesters” kill civilian (Homs, 15-July-2011)

Terrorists in Syria (Homs) killing civilians for not protesting against the Government ** 15/7/2011
Friday which is a time of respect and praying. Those sunna wahabi terrorists dont know the meaning of islam they worship Adnan el 3r3or’s (order to kill others if not sunna )

America is backing them against Bashar el Assad
Again another Shame over America under very many other criminal and shameful acts dirty US-Politicians and the greedy Zionists behind did.

Video explaination:

This video is from the handy of a terrorists in syria. At the beginning it wasn’t zoomed in, so you can see who really shoots.

The Terrorist are shooting on the already heavily injured man.

0:11 one of the terrorists hiding behind car

0:17 you see a police likely false dressed man carrying a rifle marching towards the dead man, making the impression he killed the man.

The dress is false, which can be seen at 0:01 (second from right) where it wasn’t zoomed in.

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