Terrorists Arrested

Damascus, (SANA) 26th April 2011 – The Syrian Television on Tuesday broadcast confessions of Mustafa bin Yousef Khalifa Aiyash, who was arrested in Daraa being a member of an extremist terrorist cell.

Khalifa Aiyash said he lives in Manshiyat al-Balad in Daraa and was seeing people go to al-Omari Mosque in the city and participate and meet a group of sheikhs (religious men), among them he mentioned skeikh Ahmad al-Sayasneh, sheikh Musleih and sheikh Rizq.

Khalifa Aiyash added that some of those sheikhs were calling for calming the situation. “Others, however, were calling for ‘Jihad’ saying that those who are facing us are ‘Zionists’ and everybody who dies while confronting them will be considered ‘a martyr’.”

“Among those was someone called Ibrahim al-Nayef Masalmeh who gave me SYP 50, 000 and asked me to answer the call to ‘Jihad’,” Khalifa Aiyash said.

He added that “I asked Ibrahim Masalmeh on those whom we should kill since we are all brothers, to which Masalmeh said ‘Do you know as far as sheikh Ahmad al-Sayasneh who gave the fatwa that those are ‘Zionists’? So, we got armed, all of us, young and old. Even the 5-year children were armed.”

“Ibrahim Masalmeh promised me SYP 1 million which I will get after the end of the demonstration. He already gave me SYP 50, 000 in advance,” said Khalifa Aiyash, pointing out that large amounts of weapons were available and there were more than 500 people involved.

Photos of automatic weapons, submachine guns, sniper rifles, handguns and a large amount of ammunitions were shown on TV.

The Syrian TV reported that an extremist terrorist group was arrested in the coastal city of Jableh, which opened fire on citizens and destroyed public and private properties.

Military night vision scopes, grenades and explosives were seized with the terrorist group.

The report added that the Syrian police and security are interrogating the members of the terrorist group to find out their motives and those standing behind them and to chase down the rest of them who are still free.

R. Raslan/H. Said

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