USA Admit to Funding Terrorists

USA are funding terrorists on mis-information and the lies spread by Al Jazeera. With all the intelligence the USA are said to have, they are now intent on starting a World War over fake stories they see on their television. What is the world coming to, when the world’s power brokers are basing life and death decision on a video that has been posted on YouTube, without even checking the validity of the film.

They then try to say that Al Jazeera new is true yet the Syrian television news is lies. Even though the Al Jazeera news is based on YouTube films and the Syrian news is filming live. Every news story on Al Jazeera and the BBC starts with “this film cannot be verified” when it comes to the numbers of deaths, they always say “up to” before the figure. They can say as many as they want, when they put the words up to before. On days when 5 people have been killed and these are Syrian soldiers. Al Jazeera would say that government troops have killed “up to 100” people. It is a lie but because it has “up to” in front of it, they can say it. The damage is done, people watching the program only listen to the number and of course after the statement they would say this cannot be verified as we are not allowed in the country.

Once they have shown the fake Youtube film they will then go to a reporter, “live” for the inside story. Only the reporter is not in Syria at all; they are in either Lebanon, Turkey even Israel. What is the point going to another country for the story when the person knows no more about the story than anyone else. If fact on most occasions there is NO story, it is just all set up to build a case against Al Bashar, just like Tunisia and Libya.

The media say they are not allowed in Syria, well I can only sympathise with Syria over that as I have seen the BBC working alongside the terrorists and calling up their friends to put on a  fight in the street, when you can see all the shoppers walking past wondering what is going on. They were hitting each other with baseball bats and carrying each other past the camera pretending they had been shot, but you could see the shoppers just looking on in amazement. They would hardly be acting as if nothing was happening if they were really being shot at. The BBC put the story out as, witnessing the government shooting at its people. They edited the film later putting old footage of crowds of people at each end of it, to make it look like crowds of people. Even that didn’t match as it was in a different area. This was evident that the BBC are also making up films, like Al Jazeera.

There are millions of people in Syria who would love to tell the media the truth of what is happening. There are thousands of people all around the world also trying to get the truth out, but the media will listen to no one except the terrorists. They refuse to listen to the 23 million that support Bashar Al Assad. They refuse to put on the films of the millions in the street who support him.

In the interview this man says that the Free Syria Army, started as peaceful activists. In reality there were never peaceful activists. They have been violent right from the beginning it was only the media that portrayed them this way.

The only peaceful demonstrations were held by the Bashar Al Assad supporters who took to the streets in their millions. These films were never shown by the media.

He says that the Syrian Free Army have only guns and pistols as weapons, here we show the weapons taken from the terrorist in April 2011 from what were called at the time “Peaceful Human Rights Activists” Terrorists were arrested and they claimed they were paid money and given weapons to fire on the Security forces and the army.

The terrorists first used children to paint anti Bashar graffiti on walls in March. Then young men would attack government buildings and burn them. By April they were burning tyres in the streets to attract the police. When they arrived the terrorists would ambush and murder them.  Terrorists were arrested and interviewed on TV. Not tortured as quoted in the media.

By May more and more soldiers were martyred by the terrorists and the Syrian people took to the streets in their millions to show their support for their president and demonstrate against the lies in the media. Al Jazeera offices were attacked, as it had now become apparent that they were making fake films claiming the government forces were killing innocent people. Time and time again the films were shown, using the same people; dead one day, walking around the next. Films were made from old footage from other countries. By this stage some TV stations from around the world, had discovered the fake films and apologised to Syria. Staff at Al Jazeera started to resign, but the films kept being made and sent around the world. The Syrian people still took to the streets in support of the  government as well as thousands of rallies around the world.

The terrorists would always strike on Fridays after prayers, because that was when they could guarantee to find a group of people leaving the mosques. A handful of terrorist would start demonstrating, around the people exiting from the Mosques, to make their group look bigger than it actually was. They positioned snipers on the roof tops, to fire at the innocent people leaving the Mosques. All the time filming it, so they could edit it to look like a huge demonstration and then upload it on YouTube saying the government was killing it’s people.

By July the media was still calling these terrorists “Human Rights Peaceful Protesters” and Hilary Clinton and the West were demanding that the Bashar Al Assad stop killing his people. When in reality he was not killing anyone and had the backing of all his people. He met all the demands, but still the demands kept coming. One demand that was never shown on the media was the one were the terrorist wanted all the Palestinians to be sent out of Syria or they would start killing them. I was there at the time and witnessed the military protecting the Palestinian Refugee Camp from an attack by terrorists.

The more the media showed the fake terrorist films the worse the terrorists became. Breaking into the houses of people and torturing them, blowing up schools, raping girls, murdering men an throwing their bodies off a bridge. Apart from their fear of being caught by the armed forces, these gangs became more brazen. It started with hanging people, then they would decapitate them. Cut off the limbs of soldiers; all the time filming their dirty work because they knew that when they posted the film on You tube and rang the TV stations blaming it on the government, they would be seen as heros in the west. Calling for help and asking for a no fly zone like in Libya. Only last week on the BBC a terrorist was telling that sometimes the demonstrations only consisted on 15 people.

The BBC has actively been helping the terrorists smuggling arms into the country and then filmed as he fired on a government soldier. The terrorist in question came from outside Syria. This is an invasion into another country by the UK. The BBC starting a war just for a news story. Killing a Syrian soldier just for a news story. They have no value for human life, don’t they realise that every time they show the terrorist films, means more innocent people are going to be killed.

Once again in the interview he says that the Syrian people are against the President. Well the terrorist himself said only a few days ago that the demonstrations were made up of 15 or so activists. Does that sound like the  majority of the country is against the President? For all of you who believe what you see on the news, we will show you what they don’t show. The MILLIONS of Syrian people who support BASHAR AL ASSAD. No wonder everyone thinks Americans are stupid and thank God for Russia and China who have more sense. The US are intent on starting a war and the Russians and Chinese are trying to prevent one.

Just to remind you all of the love and support the President has by his people in Syria and around the world. A man who is loved, who helps the poor, who works with charities and does not kill his people.

Syrian demonstrators in Damascus protest against the Arab League decision to suspend Syria's membership, November 13, 2011.

23 thoughts on “USA Admit to Funding Terrorists”

  1. Maina Adam said:

    Raila Amollo Odinga came from a two months political tutorage from the US, the Americans are hell bent to distabilise or overthrow the Jubilee Goverment through mass demonstrations using Raila who wants to become president even after having lost in the polls.


  2. Hello there. I just happened into this site while I was looking for something else and I thought I would take the opportunity to set some of the clowns here straight. The big difference between the U.S. and most of the countries in the middle east and the communist countries is….we decide when to use our military, not the president. We do this via our congress and sometimes by public outcry. After we straightened out the Germans and Japanese, the American people decided when to quit. The same thing in Korea. Remember that we actually fired our big military hero when he balked at his orders. In Vietnam, our army was forced to leave by us when we got sick of our losses even though our government wanted to continue. After 911 we wanted blood and were overzealous and let our president and his crew blunder into Iraq while still whacking Afghanistan and those areas of Pakistan where we should have been exclusively. We want our people out of there now and they will leave soon. This offer by Russia to remove Syria’s chemistry set will result in one of two things. The Russians will send the enormous number of troops necessary to do it and will be successful or the whole thing may be a delaying tactic and a ruse to allow the Russians to help Bashar to regain control of Syria and if that happens, there will be hell to pay. I don’t even want to think about it. The American people do not want to get involved in Syria and we told our president to find another way and he has to listen whether he likes it or not. If it works out, actually getting the generally obstructive Russians to step in and do something constructive is a victory for everybody.


    • trouble is that the US population is under so many misconceptions that the US government gets its people into wars via false flags and lies, your children are nothing but cannon fodder…there are none so blind as those who WILL not see


      • American here.. the general public – we’re powerless really. Our government is corrupt and there is not much we can do to stop them. What can we do? Any real action would label us terrorists as well. Elections? We’re not even sure those are legitimate now.


    • Unfortunately its becoming increasingly clear that the rot goes back 100years with the us plans to wrestle power from Europe. Your comments about straightening out Germany assume the old story about america saving people in europe. This is now turning out to be a myth, with the us responsible for the installation and funding of Hitlers rise to power, and evidence of us manipulation to justify murdering the children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki despite Japans attempts to surrender prior to these wmds being used to incinerate cities full of innocents


    • Mike your an idiot…what about the whining and crying because the shore workers on the west coast are on strike…For Whom the Bells Tolls dude…humanity….pssst…
      Look at your hands…there is your power…now get on it…some are busy here…cmmon!


  3. World War III Limited Edition (60 day plan of USA attack) So Keep Calm and Carry On WW II.


  4. People, who want to know more about syria conflict, please look in youtube for Stormcloudsgathering channel and watch his latest video and “Road to world war three”, please, spread this message all over the internet!


  5. America wouldn’t even think of touching Russia or china theyd there ass wooped
    not even iran
    but their going for the little ones before the big ones


    • And how would the US get it’s “ass wooped” again? It really is no contest. The US military has such a clear dominance on military technology, education, and capabilities it’s not even funny.
      The US is responsible for 41% of global military expenditures. That’s right the US is responsible for almost half of the world’s military expenditures.
      The US has the second largest active military in the world after China.This is complemented by the US’s air and naval forces. Speaking of which:
      The US has the most aircraft carriers in the world BY FAR at 10. Second place is Italy with 2. The US has as many carriers in service as the rest of the world. Think of each one as a mobile air force base. These are all Nimitz-class carriers, meaning they are a class of super-carriers that can hold about 90 planes each, travel at around 30 knots, and house 2 nuclear reactors for propulsion. These things can go over 20 years without refueling! That means the US has 10 mobile air force bases that essentially never rests.
      And that’s only the carriers. Globally, there are 28 Cruisers and 150 Destroyers. The US owns 22 of those Cruisers and 62 of those Destroyers.
      The US has the biggest air force, bar none. Technologically, the Russians have come out with an almost equivalent air fighter but the US has a much larger air force and the logistical capability to fight anywhere efficiently.
      As if all these conventional weapons aren’t enough, the US’s nuclear capabilities are mind-boggling. Everyone knows the US and Russia generally have the same amount of nuclear weapons (around 5,000) but the US’s delivery systems are unparalleled. The US holds 71 of 134 total nuclear powered submarines in the world.
      Out of these 71, 18 are Ohio-class. These are capable of holding 24 Trident SLBM missiles that each hold up to 8 MIRV (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle) nuclear warheads. Each of these MIRV warheads hold a firepower of 100 kilotons of TNT. That means each of these subs could hold 24 missiles that can each separate into 8 nuclear warheads, totaling 192 warheads, each with a range of 4,600 miles. That means a sub off of NYC could hit Anchorage. You read that right. We essentially have 18 mobile nuclear launch bases that can move underwater.
      Say there is knowledge of an impending nuclear attack by, say, North Korea. Suppose that US satellites saw North Koreans fueling the missiles and that they were going to launch a warhead. Before they were even done fueling, I am sure the US would have a few subs in the area and be capable of independently targeting each major city and military site in North Korea and nuking them. If they wanted to. And get this…this is only the stuff they tell us about.


      • Tyler derden said:

        I am a british citizen and unfortunately the world is starting to see good ol USA as an aggressor nation willing to bomb anyone who gets in their way or elects a government they dont approve of.Its not just me more and more people see this. Yes you are ofcourse right USA military is huge and well funded but now the cold war is over you shouldnt underestimate the capabilities of other countries . Just look what Iran was able to do with that state of the art spy drone they managed to capture.And as with the nukes the USA isnt the only country to have them i personally dont know why they need so many you can only destroy the earth once……..right? What about russia and china do you think they will let usa do what they want? Why do you think this new tactic the usa and isreal are fond of atm (regime change by terrorist proxy) is opposed by B.R.I.C .it goes against everything democracy stands for and is designed to put american/isreali puppets in place to keep america at the top of the pile not matter how many kids and familys are destroyed these people who run your country (i assume your american) are totally insane they could destroy the country and the world you love so much.Nothing personal my country is run by the same psychos as yours so im no better i just want people to take control of their government back from these murderous scum.NO POINTLESS WARS FOR ISREAL! HELP SYRIA ! ASK YOUR ELECTED LEADERS TO STOP HELPING FUNDING TERRORISM! CUT TIES WITH THE REAL DICTATORS IN SAUDI AND QATAR!……….spread the word ppl


    • It astonishes me why you think Iran would be a problem for the United States if we were so inclined to start a fight, which is extremely unlikely. Bear in mind that I agree that Russia would be a problem and is sort of out of the question. As well, you may be unaware that Red China has no effective nuclear arsenal. That’s right. That’s what I said. If you don’t believe me, look it up. They have no ICBM capability in comparison. They actually have about the same nuclear capability as Pakistan and India combined. I know. I was shocked to discover that as well. They do have nuclear bombs but they have to be delivered the old way, by aircraft. Very time consuming and very exposed.


  6. This is the exact truth, hard to find but, true nonetheless.


  7. i am absoluitly disgusted by the liers and manipulators about syrias affairs.
    when will the real news come out, why are the americans supporting the real terrorists, the salafists, the un-democratic Saudis, Qataris, and the dirty Turks, ??
    Why is the west supporting the supposedly democratic forces in syria, while these forces kill and behead chritians, alawites, shias, kurds, and anyone that is against them, young or old, male or female,
    USA, the West, and the rest of you hypocrates, I say Bloody wake up you bastards.


    • Well said Josh


    • the USA cannot wake up…they are stoned on 80% of pharmaceuticals the world takes…


      • Another israeli monopoly.


      • Soldier for Hire said:

        Kingdom of Heaven – Epitaph – Luis Delgado….


      • hey SOF…I think those crazy white men took your prophecy to new heights…copycats!
        It seems it is not working out like they had planned…now President of USA is making a visit to the Last Frontier in August..can anyone say ‘oh shit’? lol…I can breath when I stop laughing…oh this is gonna be good…better hope the Kid is in a GOOD mood…??
        From the looks of the you tube posts losing patience and gathering humanity is growing..
        Seen the one of the Elder telling the ISIS off? I hear the Kid got ‘energized’ and is ‘ready’ to fight….long long sigh…neck crack…allright…allright…shrug…

        It is Time….


    • Tyler derden said:

      here here! We need to spread the truth brother ! U.S.A / ISREAL / SAUDI funds terrorism!


    • Assad will not allow Canadian journalists into Syria. Why ?? Because if one can mute the press one can cover up a lot of evils. All the major news media has tried to get in ,…no way. What is he hiding?
      Apparently,Syrian law requires a Syrian to physically reside in Syria for 12 months prior to an election,….but all those wanting to run against Assad have been imprisoned, some tortured and expelled from the country,…therefor it is against Syria’s laws for them to run against Assad,….surprise,!! : ) ,…no serious opposition to Assad in an election…LOL….and Assad supporters thinks this is A okay, vote for the Assad supporter of your choice LOL,…like the old USSR…..In Canada , we even have an active Communist party, and they get hundreds of thousands of votes at times,…and we have had elected Communist Party MLAs and federally MPs. It is called freedom. (USA does not even have that, Communist party is illegal their ! Shame))..Majority of Syrians apparently support dictatorship and fear is the way to power and to maintain power. intellectually incapable of handling democracy, and the personal responsibility it requires..
      Hussein regime murdered thousands of Iraqis,per year…. Assad is not quite as bad as Hussein…..but he is that direction.
      An argument for this style of government is that Muslims can not handle the responsibility of freedom and free choice,…that in the 1100 years this “religion”/ philosophy (Islam) has existed, culture and custom have eradicated the Muslim based peoples ability to function responsibly in an environment of freedom,….and I think that may be true,….in a manner of speaking , Muslims are inferior in that they do not understand, nor can they function in a freedom of thought, freedom of choice environment.
      It , the situation is a complex mess,….but Assad and the Assad family will “win” the “elections” in Syria for the next five thousand years , the way he has it set up, now.

      Note, I am not pointing the finger at Muslims,…had I and my family been indoctrinated for a thousand years, in that culture…I would also be incapable of functioning in a freedom of thought, freedom of choice environment.
      But it just may be the way it is.


      • Many major journalists have been allowed into Syria legally including the BBC.


      • It seems to me no matter the LEVEL of your involvement in crimes…trying to keep track of it all is like trying to herd cats…just focking forget it already would ya?
        Oh and don’t talk to me about brainwashing…no man has control of your mind…
        Unless you BELIEVE their shit and eat it…hows that shitting going? Firm turd yet?


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