1 thought on “BBC Lies”

  1. Hi all. I hate the BBC! Just complained to them over their corrupt coverage of….. Well everything. I complained that they do not tell us the whole story regarding Assad. Like the fact that he was an eye surgeon who lived on Baker street and didn’t want to take over from his father and was happy for his brother to do so. But he died so basher went home to take over from his father as this was the best option instead of his uncle or worse. They don’t tell us that he released political prisoners and started to open up his country and wants reform. Then all of a sudden he closed up. And it all kicked off. I wonder if someone saw him as an easy target? Hmmm. Also off that subject, BBC also lie about the climate. Global warming has pretty much stopped and yet co2 output has rocketed over the last 10,15 years. We are headed for cooling. If you look at ALL the data you will see this. Check for yourself. Check out s0 news , on youtube. Ta. Save The Bees!


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