Evidence of Lies

Lutf Divulges Paltalk Rooms’ Fabricated Lies and Instigation against Syria

Damascus, (SANA)-Blogger and Member of Arab Journalists Union in America, Rafiq Lutf, has divulged the black rooms on the American Paltalk Website which fabricates lies and instigates against Syria through giving instructions and plans for the people, and contacting media bodies.

Lutf said that the black rooms also fabricate films and add voices to them, adding that the films are originally taken from support rallies and later fabricated as the support slogans are changed into opposition slogans.

In an interview with the Syrian TV Satellite Channel, Lutf said “A strange room called’ Freedom and Justice’ suddenly appeared on the Paltalk Website as it encompassed about 20 members at the beginning, and then the number increased to 30 and later it reached 1,000 and then 2,000.”

Lutf lived in the USA since he was 16 years old and he has recently returned to Syria. He is one of the witnesses who have been able to disclose the conspiring group against Syria through the Paltalk rooms as he has a room on the website, and he is experienced in the work of this room on the internet.

“We tried to know the reason behind this sudden increase in the number, and we discovered that the members of the room are strange groups which are not of Syrian nationality, but of various Arab nationalities as most of them are from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Lebanon…We also found Wahhabi rooms supporting and instructing this room to reach the international level on the Paltalk,” Lutf said.

He added “When we entered this room, we found some people who are Syrians, but they speak with strange dialects, and it seemed that they whether live in Europe or Saudi Arabia or some of the Gulf States such as Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates.”

“The most prominent figures in this room were named ‘Sajed’, ‘Anas Bin Malek’ and ‘Ahmed al-Souri’, and these figures are the backbones of this room while the other figures didn’t speak in order not to be divulged as they are not Syrians…These figures were calling the media bodies, and giving plots for people, in addition to phoning the satellite channels, and fabricating films and adding voices to them,” Lutf said.

A sound clip of the so called ‘Sajed’ clearly indicated that he was giving instructions on how to demonstrate and to do acts of sabotage as he says the first step is to make small and daily demonstrations in different areas, particularly at night without excluding the small villages and towns.

The second step according to ‘Sajed’ is to set fire to the security cars, and to write slogans of revolution on them, in addition to putting barricades, burning tires, cutting off and jamming the communications of the regime, and cutting the electricity.

The third step, is to spread rumors about secessions and disputes among the leaders of the regime and its officials, while the fourth step is to call the security officials and the officials of the regime, in addition to some of its supporters of the scholars and official figures to tell them that if they continue to support the regime, they will be prosecuted.

The fifth step is to write slogans on the walls condemning the regime, in addition to revolutionary slogans while the sixth step is to burn the pictures of President Bashar al-Assad and his father and brother, in addition to destructing the statues and insulting the regime in various ways and means.

The seventh step is to get on the balconies and the roofs of the houses to chant revolutionary slogans and to take photos for the demonstrations and protests while the final step is to call the Syrian diplomats abroad to urge them for joining the revolution and to make frequent demonstrations weekly near the Syrian embassies.

‘Sajed’ said in the sound clip” The agenda is clear which is instigating the people to go in non-peaceful demonstrations and to do acts of sabotage through giving clear instructions for more than 2,000 members of this network whose main task is to spread these schemes and to work on realizing them on the ground.”

He added” It is the time to work…and this is a website for SMSs free of charge, and our meeting is after Friday Prayer in all the villages and governorates…You must send SMSs to all the brothers.”

Another person in the sound clip said” I have a practical step…there is a website sending mass SMSs…When the brothers open the website, they can send 50, 000 SMSs to Damascus…this websites costs from USD 200 to 300, and one or two thousand SMSs can be sent.”

Lutf said” They started to contact security bodies, governmental directorates, hospitals and some of the well-known figures in the Syrian society, and they started to sow sedition in various ways…They also phoned the police at midnight and gave them false news.”

In the sound clip ‘Sajed’ said to somebody “My brother let us serve the agenda of al-Jazeera Satellite Channel…We want an eyewitness, so what is better to show an eyewitness and to listen to him or not… Anything said by media is welcomed, and this is what we want.”

The Paltalk is an American chat website which started its work in 1998 through providing the service of audio chatting, and later it started to provide audio and visual chatting, in addition to the written one.

The people who enter the Paltalk meet in virtual rooms as the number of each room’s users reach about 2,000, and the room is sometimes managed by the person who established it assisted by the person whom he chosen.

The employees of the Paltalk can secretly enter the website, and listen and watch what is happening on it. At first glance, the website seems to be only a social communication website, but it is used for other purposes, and it contains a huge number of the audio rooms divided according to the region and the country.

H. Zain / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

Video shows the use of fake blood

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  1. Show The Truth said:


    تفجير إرهابي بسيارة مفخخة على مدخل مدينة جرمانا ووقوع شهداء وجرحى
    Syrian Perspective cannot vouch for the validity of the photograph used by some pro-government sites to display the bomb-rigged car that exploded yesterday at the entrance to the town of Jaramaana – a town with a majority of Christian and Druze citizens – from the direction of Al-Mulayha. It has been a regular target of Jihadist terrorist rats for months. It is very well protected by home-grown militias and NDF. The rodents are now so desperate that they direct their venom at innocent civilians.

    The lies of Rami Abdul-Rahman, the catamite and spy for the British foreign office are now legion. In his statement to the press, Abdul-Rahman claimed that only soldiers were killed in the explosion. This is an outright falsehood meant to protect the rat murderers and their crimes against the people of Syria. SyrPer has received absolutely incontrovertible proof that of the 23 people killed in the blast, only 4 were soldiers. That number may go up as the area is cleared and investigated but the proof is undeniable that the rats targeted civilians. These are Obama’s heroes. These are the filth, the rats of the Saudi monkeys who are training children under the age of 10 to fight in war.



  2. Show The Truth said:

    Counting The Dead
    From England, One Man Feeds Western Media On Syria
    By The Associated Press

    October 20, 2013 “Information Clearing House – “AP” – COVENTRY, England (AP) — He’s practically a one man band, but Rami Abdurrahman’s influence extends far beyond his modest home in this small English city.

    The bald, bespectacled 42-year-old operates the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights from his house in the cathedral city of Coventry — and a review of recent media coverage suggests its running tally of killings and clashes is the most frequently cited individual source of information on Syria’s civil war for the world’s leading news organizations.

    “He’s just everywhere,” said Joshua Landis, the director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma. “He’s the go-to guy for figures. … I can’t think of anybody who comes close.”

    Abdurrahman, who says he makes his living from a local clothing shop, says the Observatory relies on four unnamed activists in Syria and a wider network of monitors across the country to document and verify clashes and killings. But as the Observatory has increasingly found itself at the center of Western reporting on Syria’s civil, some say his figures — and his sources — need more scrutiny.

    Opponents say Abdurrahman is in cahoots with the opposition forces bankrolled by Gulf Arab states, skewing casualty figures to keep the spotlight off rebel atrocities. Others contend that Abdurrahman is in league with the Syrian regime. They accuse him of overplaying incidents of sectarian violence to blacken the reputation of those trying to topple President Bashar Assad.

    Abdurrahman sees the competing allegations as evidence that’s he’s being fair; “You know you’re doing a good job when all the sides start to attack you,” he said in a recent interview.

    Still, one prominent critic says it boggles the mind that a man living in Coventry is somehow able to count and categorize the dead in Syria hour by hour, every day of the week.

    “Something is going on which is quite fishy,” said As’ad AbuKhalil, a professor of Middle Eastern politics at California State University Stanislaus.


    Abdurrahman was working on four hours’ sleep when he met The Associated Press at Coventry’s drab-looking train station earlier this month.

    He’d planned to get to bed by 10 p.m. the previous night, but rebel infighting in the Syrian border town of Azaz meant he stayed up until 2 a.m. monitoring developments. He got up again at 6 a.m. to check for overnight updates.

    “It’s not a nine-to-five job,” Rami said as he drove across the city, a white dove-shaped air freshener dangling from his rear-view mirror.

    By his own account, Abdurrahman operates as a kind of human switchboard, fielding calls round-the-clock from Syrian activists, international journalists, and human rights workers. Particularly intense news days had seen up to 500 calls, he said.

    Suspicions have long dogged Abdurrahman. Is the self-exiled Syrian really who he says he is? Who’s behind his organization? And is he accurate enough to justify the world’s reliance on his reporting?

    Switching from English to Arabic and often speaking through a translator, Abdurrahman — whose real name is Ossama Suleiman — defended his decision to use a pseudonym as part of the Arab tradition of the nom de guerre.

    He said he received money from a European human rights group, but declined to name it. Only after prodding did he say he had been receiving less than 100,000 euros ($137,000) a year since 2012 in support of his work.

    “We’re in a state of war,” he said. “It’s difficult to be completely transparent.”


    Abdurrahman, born in the Syrian city of Banias, says government harassment of his family first sparked his interest in human rights work. He left for Britain in 2000, moving to Coventry, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) northwest of London, where the revenue from the clothes shop helps support him, his wife, and their young child.

    He launched the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in May of 2006, saying the activists he met while in Syria formed the group’s core.

    Counting the words out with his hand, Abdurrahman said his modus operandi was: “Document, verify, and publish.”

    That methodology has been put to the test in Syria, where both sides stand accused of peddling misinformation. Abdurrahman said his work was like navigating a “sea of lies.”

    Abdurrahman boasts 230-odd informants on the ground, ranging from Syrian journalists who leak him stories on the sly to employees of military hospitals who fill him in on army casualties. He said he sticks to the journalistic gold standard of only accepting a story once it had been confirmed by a second source.

    He claims to have rarely gotten it wrong, saying he could think of only two cases in which he overstated casualty figures. Other mistakes, such as confusing a car bombing with a mortar strike, were more common, but in every case he insisted errors were corrected.

    “We’re human, we make mistakes,” he said. “But it’s our intention not to repeat them.”


    Abdurrahman’s accuracy matters because so many news organizations use his reporting. A review of stories published by three major newswires, including The Associated Press, over the past year show he’s cited more often than SANA, Syria’s government-run news agency.

    Experts attribute the exposure to Abdurrahman’s non-stop publication schedule, and the fact that so many observers are barred from Syria and that others are at risk of kidnapping or worse. That means journalists, human rights groups, and even the United Nations — which put out its own death toll at more than 100,000 back in July — have to rely at least in part on his figures.

    That level of prominence worries those who harbor doubts about his organization.

    “Let’s assume good faith,” said Nadim Shehadi, with London’s Chatham House think tank. “Let’s assume he’s genuine, and qualified, and everything. He relies on too many sources to be able to check.”

    The problem with checking what’s going on in Syria is that few people can gain access to the areas involved, said human rights researcher Cilina Nasser, who has collaborated with Abdurrahman in compiling casualty figures on several mass killings.

    Nasser, who works for London-based Amnesty International, described Abdurrahman as careful and “usually accurate.”

    Her opinion was largely seconded by Lama Fakih, a researcher with New York-based Human Rights Watch.

    “In broad strokes, the reporting is solid,” she said.

    Nasser said it was important to keep in mind that everyone — from Abdurrahman to the journalists charged with following up on his figures — labors under the same handicap.

    “There’s always something missing,” she said, “which is us being on the ground.”


    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights English-language website: http://syriahr.com/en/


    Raphael Satter can be reached at: http://raphae.li/twitter


  3. Show The Truth said:

    Syria: The Truth against the NATO’s lies. La Verità contro la PROPAGANDA NATO (ENG/ITA)


  4. Show The Truth said:

    West Toxic Lie On Syria Exposed

    By Finian Cunningham

    October 16, 2013 “Information Clearing House – They say an expert liar needs to have a good memory to succeed in maintaining deceptions. This is because sooner or later the liar is liable to trip himself up with his own previous lies.

    Only weeks after the deadly chemical weapons incident near the Syrian capital Damascus on 21 August, the Western narrative is coming apart at the seams from its own lies.

    Recall that this was the “horrific” incident that nearly resulted in the US and its allies launching an all-out war on Syria. “The US doesn’t do pin-pricks,” said President Barack Obama sinisterly as American warships armed with hundreds of Tomahawk Cruise missiles suddenly honed in on the Mediterranean country.

    Western turgid claims that Syria’s government forces had carried out an atrocity against civilians with deadly Sarin nerve gas were always tenuous from the outset.

    Where are the names and graves of the more than 1,400 people that Washington so adamantly claims “beyond doubt” were killed by Syria’s army? What about the alleged intercepts that the US said it had obtained between Syrian army commanders? Where is the “conclusive intel” that Washington, London and Paris all said they had to justify punitive military attacks on the sovereign government of President Bashar al-Assad?

    There is a growing host of evidence that soundly negates the Western claims, and indeed supports an altogether more credible and disturbing narrative. Namely, that a large-scale killing took place near Damascus on 21 August involving Saudi and Western military intelligence in collusion with the foreign-backed anti-government mercenaries. Civilians, including children, were murdered in cold blood, perhaps by lethal injection, in order to stage a provocation that was aimed as a pretext for a US-led military assault on Syria.

    That all-out attack on Syria was all the more pressing because of the floundering regime-change objective of the Axis of Evil comprising Washington, London, Paris, Riyadh, Doha, Tel Aviv, Amman and Ankara.

    But here is where the liars really come unstuck. President Obama,Britain’s David Cameron, France’s Francois Hollande and all their top officials, including US Secretary of State John Kerry and US ambassador the UN Samantha Power, reiterated the following mantra, “We know the Assad regime did it because the Syrian rebels do not have the capacity to use chemical weapons.”

    This assertion that the Western-backed militants in Syria did not have access to chemical weapons was amplified over and over again in the Western mainstream news media.

    Of course, more informed observers knew this assertion to be false. Several reports confirmed that the Takfiri and Al Qaeda-linked groups, such as Al Nusra, had been caught red-handed elsewhere in Syria and in Turkey on several occasions with supplies of Sarin and other toxic chemicals.

    However, it is worth holding this particular Western contention up to account precisely because it was proffered as a key element in the Western case for military action on Syria.

    And it turns out that Western diplomats, media and the UN-approved chemical weapons inspectors are now saying that the Western-backed militants do in fact have access to the internationally banned toxic munitions.

    What should have been a startling admission was disclosed rather casually in the New York Times this week. “Pressure intensified on Syrian rebels [sic] on Monday to permit access to chemical weapons sites in areas under their control,” reported the newspaper.

    The Times added, “A Western diplomat in the Arab world said that though the Syrian government was legally responsible for dismantling its chemical weapons under an international agreement, its opponents should also cooperate in the process, because several chemical weapons sites were close to confrontation lines or within rebel-held territory.”

    Ahmet Uzumcu, the director of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, also said this week that the Syrian government had cooperated fully in providing access to weapons sites under its control, but he added that the problem for his inspection team was gaining safe access to sites under control of militants. This was because of the lawless conduct of these groups, which have opened fire on the inspectors and even set off bombs near one of the hotels where the team is staying.

    “We appeal to all sides in Syria to support this mission, to be cooperative and not render this mission more difficult,” said Uzumcu.

    The crucial point is that Western government leaders and their most senior representatives, as well as the dutiful Western news media, have been caught choking on their own toxic lies over Syria.

    The New York Times and other Western media did not seem to notice the glaring contradiction to the claims that they had been peddling only a few weeks ago – that the militants in Syria allegedly do not have chemical weapons.

    Washington and its allies were about to launch a massive missile and bombing attack on Syria that would have probably caused thousands of civilian deaths. That offensive would have been an outrageous criminal aggression because, as it has clearly turned out, it was all based on lies. Central to the fabrication for military attack on Syria was the lie that the Western-backed militants did not carry out the Damascus atrocity because “they did not possess such weaponry.”

    Well, clearly as the mainstream media is now letting slip, the militants do have access and control over deadly chemical weapons. So much so that the head of the OPCW is compelled to plead for cooperation from these militants in order to carry out the UN Security Resolution mandating the total chemical disarmament inside Syria.

    Western propaganda lies evidently have a memory problem. But we should not let the world forget the criminal deeds that Western governments are prepared to carry out – lest they try to pull another pernicious stunt.

    Finian Cunningham, originally from Belfast, Ireland, was born in 1963. He is a prominent expert in international affairs. The author and media commentator was expelled from Bahrain in June 2011 for his critical journalism in which he highlighted human rights violations by the Western-backed regime.



  5. Show The Truth said:

    “Pro-Democracy Terrorism”: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Propaganda Front funded by the EU
    By Tony Cartalucci
    Global Research, April 12, 2013
    Land Destroyer
    Region: Middle East & North Africa
    Theme: Media Disinformation
    In-depth Report: SYRIA: NATO’S NEXT WAR?
    87 36

    Mideast Syria
    The NYT admits fraudulent Syrian human rights group is UK-based “one-man band” funded by EU and one other “European country.”

    In reality, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has long ago been exposed as an absurd propaganda front operated by Rami Abdul Rahman out of his house in England’s countryside. According to a December 2011 Reuters article titled, “Coventry – an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist,” Abdul Rahman admits he is a member of the so-called “Syrian opposition” and seeks the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad:

    After three short spells in prison in Syria for pro-democracy activism, Abdulrahman came to Britain in 2000 fearing a longer, fourth jail term.

    “I came to Britain the day Hafez al-Assad died, and I’ll return when Bashar al-Assad goes,” Abdulrahman said, referring to Bashar’s father and predecessor Hafez, also an autocrat.

    One could not fathom a more unreliable, compromised, biased source of information, yet for the past two years, his “Observatory” has served as the sole source of information for the endless torrent of propaganda emanating from the Western media. Perhaps worst of all, is that the United Nations uses this compromised, absurdly overt source of propaganda as the basis for its various reports – at least, that is what the New York Times now claims in their recent article, “A Very Busy Man Behind the Syrian Civil War’s Casualty Count.”

    The NYT piece admits:

    Military analysts in Washington follow its body counts of Syrian and rebel soldiers to gauge the course of the war. The United Nations and human rights organizations scour its descriptions of civilian killings for evidence in possible war crimes trials. Major news organizations, including this one, cite its casualty figures.

    Yet, despite its central role in the savage civil war, the grandly named Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is virtually a one-man band. Its founder, Rami Abdul Rahman, 42, who fled Syria 13 years ago, operates out of a semidetached red-brick house on an ordinary residential street in this drab industrial city [Coventry, England].

    The New York Times also for the first time reveals that Abdul Rahman’s operation is indeed funded by the European Union and a “European country” he refuses to identify:

    Money from two dress shops covers his minimal needs for reporting on the conflict, along with small subsidies from the European Union and one European country that he declines to identify.

    Photo: “Rami Abdelrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (Reuters)

    Abdelrahman leaves the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after meeting Britain’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, in central London November 21, 2011.

    Abdelrahman is not the “head” of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, he is the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, run out of his UK-based house as a one-man operation.

    And while Abdul Rahman refuses to identify that “European country,” it is beyond doubt that it is the United Kingdom itself – as Abdul Rahman has direct access to the Foreign Secretary William Hague, who he has been documented meeting in person on multiple occasions at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. The NYT in fact reveals that it was the British government that first relocated Abdul Rahman to Coventry, England after he fled Syria over a decade ago because of his anti-government activities:

    When two associates were arrested in 2000, he fled the country, paying a human trafficker to smuggle him into England. The government resettled him in Coventry, where he decided he liked the slow pace.

    Abdul Rahman is not a “human rights activist.” He is a paid propagandist. He is no different than the troupe of unsavory, willful liars and traitors provided refuge in Washington and London during the Iraq war and the West’s more recent debauchery in Libya, for the sole purpose of supplying Western governments with a constant din of propaganda and intentionally falsified intelligence reports designed specifically to justify the West’s hegemonic designs.

    Abdul Rahman’s contemporaries include the notorious Iraqi defector Rafid al-Janabi, codename “Curveball,” who now gloats publicly that he invented accusations of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the West’s casus belli for a 10 year war that ultimately cost over a million lives, including thousands of Western troops, and has left Iraq still to this day in shambles. There’s also the lesser known Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir of Libya, who formed the foundation of the pro-West human rights racket in Benghazi and now openly brags in retrospect that tales of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s atrocities against the Libyan people were likewise invented to give NATO its sought-after impetus to intervene militarily.

    Unlike in Iraq and Libya, the West has failed categorically to sell military intervention in Syria, and even its covert war has begun to unravel as the public becomes increasingly aware that the so-called “pro-democracy rebels” the West has been arming for years are in fact sectarian extremists fighting under the banner of Al Qaeda. The charade that is the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is also unraveling. It is unlikely that the New York Times’ limited hangout will convince readers that Rami Abdul Rahman is anything other than another “Curveball” helping the corporate-financier elite of Wall Street and London sell another unnecessary war to the public.



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