Reuters Appologises to Syria for Lies

Provided the agency “Reuters” news agency a formal apology to Syria, after having rigged images transferred from the archive attribute to the events of Syrian Interior. The author was one of the programs in the TV France had been transferred Sunday on Reuters photographs claimed to have addressed the internal events in Syria was forced Reuters to apologize to Syria.

The Reuters display pictures specializes in Lebanese affairs as pictures of events in Syria, but the facts have emerged rapidly, forcing the “Reuters” to apologize to Syria because of this scandal is not the first for the “Reuters” after he had previously published photographs artificial than many other countries as it did in Iran in the period that followed the elections in Iran in 2009, and was last done by working hard to exaggerate the events of Syria through the dissemination of false news and pictures from the archive dating back mainly to countries other than Syria after it claimed to have belonged to the Syrian demonstrations in the city of Dara.

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