8 thoughts on “Hillary Clintons War Budget”

  1. Janan Smith said:

    She’s nothing more an a branch of the Obama Administration. I hate the fact how so many stupid women are going to vote for her in 2016 simply because she’s a woman. What a bunch of stupid women we have in America. She has always been as power hungry as Obama, and much more so than her husband. Those women who think a woman will be softer and nicer are deadly wrong. Women are just as capable of killing and corruption , so all the myths we need to put to rest. Remember Lizzie Borden of Israel? before Netty? She was a monster. Another token President, oh boy this time not a black but a woman. …yay…blah blah


  2. Like

  3. Yasmeen said:

    I am American do not trust this woman, she is psychotic and knows nothing. She only knows of Israel! If you support Clinton your feeding the zionist monster ! She must be punished for leading war crimes!


  4. Hillary Clin-toon is the true president of the USSA. She is a globalist operative along with Bill, and Obummer just like that criminal Carter before him is just the fall guy.

    notbelieving thelies: get off the computer and go join your “Arab brothers” on the front line. Actually your kind is too cowardly to be in any true battle of war, instead your precious FSA is executing young Syrian conscripts, shooting randomly from rooftops, raping and pillaging, and then crying “Assad did it” when you are caught red handed.


  5. notbelieving thelies said:

    I hope the USA decides to the Opposition. Any money will help. Money for food or wages just frees other money for weapons. The beast’s days are numbered!! You will fall Assad!!! You stand no chance against your Arab brothers


  6. bluesquid said:

    She wants to be the mom of the world. We are the sacrifice.


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