Voices of the Syrian People

Residents of Harsts are threatening all against carrying weapons, saying they won’t allow what happened in Douma to be repeated there. They even published their names & warned to avenge any who dares harms them or their families … 
to whom it may concern:
on behalf of some families of Harasta “Hlh and Alas and Goose and Aahimi and Depo-Shatti, and Gbes and agglomeration and ………. ……… ” We warn all of a weapon within city Harasta that your faith in the cause or is seeking to achieve it does not give you any right to infringe on people and their property and therefore we will consider any armed within the city a source of hurt and causing any damage caused by fighting or bombing will not allow repeating the scenario is always in Harasta you are our relatives, but our children need for security and safety and our guests fled in search of safety, “every child is raking in Harasta bombing or a clash of the child will meet with your children and all the house would burn because of you of your homes will meet with him ……… but if Altazemtem calm within the city for a time of calm and we moved away you ………. we want safety and security for us and our children and our guests
in our homelands safe O ……………..

3 thoughts on “Voices of the Syrian People”

  1. The matter is simple. Asad is an Alawite, the majority of the population is Sunni. the father of Assad overthrew the previous Sunni leader. What gives an Alawite whose followers make up around 10% of the population, and who do not have the same beliefs as the majority sunni Muslims, to rule over them? Why does not Assad leave peacefully and hand rule over peacefully to a peaceful Sunni , a Sunni who will protect the rights of minorities such as the aalwites as did our Sunni Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the first 4 rightly guided caliphs and those who came after them may Allah be pleased with them all. The matter is simple. Please leave peacefully Assad, if you do care for the people of Syria who desire to be ruled by their own Sunni leaders. They do not have to be ‘terrorists’a s you label some of them (today a terrorist is according to ones own beliefs and views,) but rather Sunni leaders who do not want to kill the Alawites but will rule fairly over them. What do you say Assad, I would be one of those outsiders who would peacefully assist in your peaceful exit and a peaceful leader coming to rule. Please do send me a letter if you are desirous of peace for the people of Syria. By Allah I swear it will happen and I will help to ensure it happens. Hafez Abu Zakariya


  2. 23 Million Syrians support Assad and demand safety and security for the people, the children and guests in the homeland… not Saudi armed militia and terrorism. The West should be ashamed!
    Only Israel’s interests are being supported by the totalitarian puppet Kings of arabia who hypocritically do their master’s bidding in the name of democracy and freedom… something they will never allow their own people… .


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