21st November 2012

Voices of the Syrian People

Again big Loss of friend in Homs

Manar Sahloul ( منار سحلول ) (son of Maamoun Sahloul, ex director of alwatani hospital) Muslim Sunni, father of a wonderful family, 2 daughters and 1 year old son.. He refused to be a Saudi agent working for israhell .. He was kidnapped in Alwaer ( الوعر ) , tortured then killed and mutilated.. May God bless his soul and watch over his family ;(

We still can not reach his wife Maysoun and I don’t know any words to tell her.. Please pray for her and her children ..


William Hague recognised the butchers of this terrible crime as the official representatives of the Syrian people. The Syrian people will never recognise these terrorists and never stop fighting them.

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