Damascus 19th July 2012

Damascus, Syria

My name is Bassam Al-Kadi (48 years old), a Syrian human rights activist, especially the rights of women and children.

I opposed the Syrian regime since 1982 for justice, freedom and democracy, and I was arrested four times (1985 to 2012), including a total of 7 and a half years.

I supported the Syrian civil movement for freedom and democracy until it turned into a battle waged by criminal fundamentalist forces aiming to divide Syria and transfer it into terrorist emirates subjected to Israel and US


I declare the following:
In the light of Foreign Military threats against my country, under the pretext of security situation, I assure that I will immediately become a suicide bomber to kill all those who contributes in any military action against my country, whether by a single country or a group of states, whether by a Security Council decision or the United Nations or NATO or any other party.

I assure that every diplomat and politician in the enemy states that are involved in the attacks on Syria, including of all civilians in those countries who support the attack on my country, and every facility I can access in the countries that participated in the invasion, are legitimate targets for me.

All written laws of earth and heaven have ensured the people’s right to defend their country, and I am going to exercise this right against you without hesitation, and with me hundreds of thousands of Syrians who are willing to sacrifice their bodies and their lives in defense of Syria.

My position, if you are interested to know, has nothing to do with neither the Syrian regime nor any of its apparatuses. Whether the regime decided to confront you or not, I will fight you without hesitation or mercy.

Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Libya will be nothing but a simple walk in front of what you will face if you think to take any military action against Syria.


Bassam Al-Kadi
Syrian Citizen

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