I Am So Proud of My Country

I am so proud of my country,,,
wherever I go, I read about it,,,

Every website is talking about it,, every page is talking about it,, every TV channel is talking about it,,

The name of my country has taken the first place in the minds of people all over the world,,

Huge amounts of money are being paid daily,, arms are being smuggled to kill my people,, mercenaries have been brought to kill my innocent people,, media terrorism is being practiced against my country,, yet, Syria is still here..

I am so proud of my country because the most satanic minds are conspiring against the good-heart people of my country,,, yet, my country is astonishing the whole world with its steadfastness and resistance,,,
I am so proud of our Syria because it is still HERE,,, and will always be here..

Syria,, my country,, may God protect you,,

2 thoughts on “I Am So Proud of My Country”

  1. I am so proud of my ancestral home, I know my these left millenniums ago because of these hate mongers. I am a magicians and I hope everyone falls in love with Syria and Basher I think he is the morning joy for the Middle -East.


  2. Amen!


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