You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone

They say you don’t know what you have until its gone. This statement could not hold more truth. I do not think I have ever loved Syria as much as I have grown to love it in the past year and half. Im going to start talking about many different topics that hold much importance to me and to my country. So, I ask if you do not come reading this with respect and open mind, I suggest you not continue reading; I’m sorry to say, I hold no more patience for ignorance.

In case you hold no knowledge about Syria prior to this so-called “uprising”, I will educate you on some important pieces of information that will help guide you through my opinions and stance on the situation in Syria.

Syria holds the oldest city in the world. Damascus, Syria is about 7000 years old to this day. Ugarit in Syria is where the first alphabet was discovered so that you sitting comfortably in your home can read the knowledge I an relaying to you from a computer screen. Syria is the home of resistance and knowledge. Everywhere you go in Syria there is HISTORY. Syria is a country which is revered even by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). For these and many other reasons, Syria is most certainly the most beautiful and blessed country you will come across.

To speak in today’s terms, Syria, despite it’s many setbacks as being labeled part of the “Axis of Evil” and sanctions upon sanctions being imposed on the Syrian Arab Republic, Syria is a progressing country using their own resources and carrying ZERO debt to any other nation. Give me ONE country which holds the same status! Syria is a country which also provides its citizens with free healthcare and education, INCLUDING university level education available to all who desire. Syria has built an army which has to this DAY kept off any outside force from entering. The United States of America, the greatest country in the world with the strongest military holds 13 TRILLION dollars in debt to other nations. If we are to perform simple math, this would mean that every person in the USA has $500,000 DEBT. Those who claim to want to build a democratic Syria are in fact DESTROYING the country my parents, grandparents and ancestors worked so hard to build for me, my future children and generations to come. Destructing your own country is not hurting President Assad; you are in fact HURTING YOURSELF. Blowing up a oil pipe, or burning buildings and taking down power poles are not affecting the leadership. This goes for any nation. You are hurting yourself, your family, me and my family. But, unfortunately those who are doing this are LESS than animals and hold no love for their country nor their people.

I know I sound like a broken record but those who live in the West and have established themselves here; GIVE ME ONE EXAMPLE KF HOW YOU WERE NEGATIVELY AFFECTED BY THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT IN SYRIA! You can’t because you are liars! You’re families in Syria continue to live beautiful, amazing lives and you graduated university from SYRIAN universities for free and then came here to work. They say don’t bite the hand that fed you. If you are not happy with the regime, GIVE BACK THAT DEGREE THAT THAT REGIME FUNDED AND START FROM SCRATCH HERE! but, of course you are mere hypocrites and would never do that. Every country has corruption. AMERICA is the LEADER AND MASTER OF CORRUPTION. America waged a WAR ON MUSLIMS. Nobody DARE argue with me that they didn’t. I am a damn proud American but I recognize truth. Look at every war the US is fighting now; it’s against a MUSLIM country. Look at how many times the US has played a role in overthrowing a government because that government worked against the US. Yet, “the lions of the Sunnah” bow down to their American masters. I will not allow those who claim to follow the Sunnah of my beloved prophet desecrate his image so that they can hold on to power. This goes for their followers as well. For those who claim that they are following the SUNNAH of the Prophet; show me the Uthman ibn Affan from you all. You live amazing lives, build million dollar homes and drive the nicest cars and every once in a while to make yourself feel better pay maybe a 1000 dollars, but even this sadaqa is going to the FSA, a terrorist group destructing your country and killing your people.

I am going to digress a bit and speak in terms of something that affects the community which I come from. Those living in MA are very familiar with the situation in Worcester regarding the Islamic centres both WIC and ISGW. Our community which was once a flourishing community, is not split into many different factions due to FITNA by the same people who are now supporters of this terrorism in Syria. Those who split this community are well aware of who they are and well aware of what they have done and the lies they told and the promises they broke and have astounding proof of this with names of those people, but I will spare them the embarrassment. But just as they will face punishment for that and the embarrassment and guilt, the situation in Syria and the fitna they are helping produce is on their heads as well. Those same people who claim to be leaders are the ones who support the terrorism. They can find terrorism yet they cannot even pay for the MASJID which is currently in debt and paying interest! IMAGINE! A MASJID, HOUSE OF ALLAH, PAYING DEBT! These people try to show off that they are good people by helping others, yet, as soon as they gain that image from the people and show others that they helped someone, they trash that person which they helped! What kind of person, never-mind MUSLIM are you?

To get back on topic, I think it’s important for us to discuss the Sunni-Shia issue affecting the world today because it certainly is affecting Syria by making it out to be a sectarian issue rather than a case for true democracy and freedom. Yes, as much as I hate labeling myself as anything other than a Muslim, I am SUNNI! however, as a follower of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) I will always stand with HAQ (truth) and defend it. Sunnis, unfortunately have oppressed Shias too much over history. This is fact and it hurts me to admit that and I am ashamed of this because they are the ones who constantly judge and oppress and it seems that their leadership are in the wrong most of the time. Sunnis are always the ones who say they will never pray behind a Shia imam and are constantly bashing them an even go to the extent of claiming that they are KUFFAR and passing fatwas making their blood halal! What a shame! I have never heard a Shia say anything CLOSE to any of what some Sunni leaders say! What kind of hatred was implanted in our hearts? To say this about those who also say SHAHADA, thus making them as much Muslim as the next person. To look at it more clearly, I will use two nations and and a few examples. These two nations will be Saudi Arabia the kingdom which claims to hold true to the Sunnah and protector of the Kaabah, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, a predominantly Shia nation. One example is of the Salman Rushdie book which came out many years ago which talked very badly about the Quran, Allah and the Prophet. There was a public outcry made by the GOVERNMENT of Iran and passed a fatwa stating that he may be killed (although I believe this was drastic and years after they took back this fatwa and recognized that their decision was wrong). However, SAUDI ARABIA did absolutely NOTHING. Ties with Britain remained better than ever and it was as if nothing had happened. Another recent example is the Denmark case where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was drawn in a newspaper and was being mocked. Saudi Arabia did not say anything and did not pull their ambassador, however, a few months ago in Egypt when the Egyptian people decided to use their new found freedom and democracy and protested against the Saudi government and King in front of the Saudi Embassy in Egypt, the protectors of Islam pulled their ambassador in an act of anger towards the government and made sure the Egyptian government apologized! THIS ACT IS PROOF THAT THE KING HOLDS MORE IMPORTANCE THAN OUR BELOVED PROPHET! This is fact! I am speaking history; nothing more, nothing less. I am not speaking from jealousy because alhamduliAllah I will NEVER be jealous from another person due to wealth, because I believe in the wisdom of Allah and put all my faith in Him. However, I will not allow any person whether a beggar on the street or a KING ever say or think or act as being more important than prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or any other religious figure for that matter. Having degrees and being able to read and write or being a doctor or lawyer, or having immense wealth and being royalty never made a human being. The prophet and his companions did not know how to read or write; yet they were able to build an EMPIRE! They were real MEN! Those who are causing this separation not just in Syria but throughout the Muslim world; you are trying to show yourself as being something big and a real man for defending something you don’t understand? You are showing your are strong by fighting your brother?! You are nothing but trash in this case!

To go even deeper, American law dictates that all military technology purchased by another country may not be used against the USA or allies of the USA. By signing this agreement when buying military technology, all nations / buyers are made well aware of this law and have agreed upon it. Thus, nations like Saudi Arabia, all the gulf nations, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, etc cannot fight Israel at all. They hold all American made military technology. The only countries within that region they are allowed to attack are Syria and Iran since both nations do not buy from America and are not allies with USA. Think about that for a minute and think about the current situation in Syria. If you cannot connect the dots at this point, I feel sorry for you and I suggest you not speak about the situation in Syria AT ALL! By signing this agreement with the USA, all those nations in the Middle East have declared war on Syria and Iran many years ago, rather than declaring war on the true enemy, Israel. How can they claim to want to liberate Palestine from the occupation of Israel is the weapons they hold cannot even be used against the enemy?! As a result, it is safe for me to say that any word which comes out of these governments are WORTHLESS and they are mere hypocrites.

But, despite all this, Syrians are very PROUD Arabs. We take pride that we are the true Arabs of the region and not mere JArab. We will not forget our Arab brotherhood when it comes to the enemy attacking any of our Arab nations. However, we will never forget nor forgive what these JArab have done to destroy the beautiful country which is Syria. Syria is the nation holding the whole Middle East together. It is the HEART of the Arab world. I have faith that those idiots everywhere supporting this terrorism in Syria, God will show them a day where they will suffer and they will live with a guilty conscious for the rest of their lives. My parents, thank God, have done their job! They planted the seed of LOVE for our nation and Palestine in our hearts from the day we were born and taught us to RESIST until we get our Palestine and all the occupied Arab lands back. They taught us that destruction of your nation is never the answer nor path to attain what you desire. They taught us and imprinted in our hearts through heartbreaking talks and images that would leave us in tears of anger and sadness because our people were suffering , that the ARAB DREAM was and will always be TO END OCCUPATION! Syrians will never bow down to any being other than God; that is in our blood and for those who bow down to the west and to their desires and bend to their wishes, you are not Arab and you certainly do not hold the HONOR and dignity of being a true SYRIAN. It does not matter if you were born in Syria or lived in Syria to know and understand what Syria is. We love the Prophet and he loved us without ever seeing us and he loved us more because we believed in him without seeing him; that means my love for Syria is much more than any who have lived in Syria because I am far from my beloved. My parents have passed on the flag of resistance and nationalism to us, the next generation, and it is up to us to change and what we cannot change we must pass on to our children for generations to come until we get what we live for : FREEDOM FROM OCCUPATION! Until that day, I will not fight to destroy my country because I don’t agree with the regime, I will be the FIRST, inshaAlllah to go back as soon as possible to rebuild my country and to resist until I die.

Marwa Al

1 thought on “You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone”

  1. olga Nakkas said:

    Allah , Suriyya , Bashar wa Bas..from an admirer and a lover of Syria living in Lebanon..Syria will win over all the Kufar


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