Support for Bashar Al Assad

There Are More Demonstrations Of Support For President Bashar Al Assad Than There Are Against Him, But These Don’t Make The News.

There cannot be a President or member of a Royal Family who is loved as much as this President is, by his people.
On 29th March 2011, over one million Syrians took to the street of Al Raaqa, to show their support for the President.  This was not shown, by the World Press.]

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  1. dkfhsdklfhs says:

    He lost. Get over it.

  2. If you support assad be sure to like this page here “Americans who support President Bashar Al Assad”

  3. Herbo says:

    Hi there,Im about to participare on a school contest of international affaires and i sign up representing Bashar al Assad,but i’m in Mexico and there is few info. About how things are going in Siria, The main question in my position paper are details of why and how Bashar al Assad isthe best way to Boing peace to Siria,hope u can help me . Greetings

  4. Irish Rebel 1916 says:

    God Bless Assad from Co.Tyrone, Ireland. Beir Bua (Bring Victory)

  5. Muhammad says:

    ATTENTION! THE ISLAMIC STATE JUST MADE A FACEBOOK PAGE AND IT IS PRETTY SERIOUS! HOW NOONE KNOWS ABOUT IT IS BEYOND ME! But I got a suggestion and clicked it to see what was up WOW THIS IS SERIOUS! Share this with everyone you know. How did the news not know about this? The Islamic State has a new page?? I cannot believe this is not a big deal?? Check this page out they just made a threat against there enemies!

  6. Pincus L says:

    VICTORY TO ASSAD from Sarasota, FL

  7. Skeen96 says:

    I’m from Iran and I support Assad. I also support my own government and know that without Western sanctions and intervetions it could have a lot less social problems. I also feel sorry for my Iraqi and Syrian brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered for stupid reasons. I hope one day these countries can be rebuilt and most of our strength will turn to the real enemy: Israel

  8. Spiros says:

    Stay strong Assad, and all western countries should stop supporting the minority terrorist groups

  9. Norgee says:


  10. formuassad says:

    Sign this petition to stop Western governments supporting the terrorist FSA group. Once we get 500 views then the petitonsite will advertise to its millions and members and we should get at least a few hundred thousand signatures.
    Also, subscribe to this channel (PRO ASSAD CHANNEL) and like and share this video

    Also, share this article

  11. NS98 says:

    Assad is a great man and a hero to me, I support the Ba’athist ideology and am a strong National Socailist. Assad is like Hitler in many ways, that’s a complement. It would be an honor to fight for such a great man along side my Cacasuian brothers. Assad is a good man.


  12. tita says:

    Syrian people need to appreciate Assad bcz he saved them from monsters like ISIS and Alkaede! see what happend in Iraq and Afghanistan! Viva Bashar Assad .if even he is a dictator sometimes but i still believe he loves his country and he fights and works dearly
    for Syria … God bless him and his family…

  13. tita says:

    viva Bashar Assad and i am not even syrian!

  14. Steven Killion/ Portland Oregon says:

    I have done much reading of the history of Syria and the Ottoman Middle East and Balkans.

    The mosaic of different peoples who are mainly different because of religion was ruled in a manner that worked under the Ottoman system. When the British and French drew new borders under the Sykes accord it failed to pay attention to the Old Ottoman provincial and system of government by religious choice.

    The emergence of nations states with little basis for nationalism has created constant problems for governments in many countries that had spent many centuries under Ottoman rule. This is true in Europe as well as the Middle East. Remember the breakup of Yugoslavia and the wars of the 1990s.???

    Assad and his father are certainly not perfect but really if one looks at history and understands the complex problems of governing such a mish mash of religious and language differences they deserve more praise then hatred.

    Long live Bashar al Assad and the memory of his glorious father Hafez Al Assad. They are true statestmen. They guarenteed and protected religious freedoms. Nothing was perfect but the life was certainly decent for most Syrians.

    I am glad that Mr. Assad will prevail and will very likely restore order without committing any terrible atrocities like that which would definately happen if ISIS were to prevail.

    One more Westerner and an American who supports and understands what Assad has faced. He has done it with great leadership and courage.

    Steve Killion

    It would be my greatest honour to one day travel to Syria and have lunch or tea with Mr. Assad.

  15. Kom Kommer says:

    The need of this website says enough.
    Assad is a man who lost the sense of reality or he’s really a ruthless crook or both.
    If you think different from this you’re 1.stupid OR 2.blind OR 3.deaf OR’re unable to think for yourself OR any of the above combined.

  16. Intel says:

    Check out You Tube – look up 49logger…sounds like someone got some new intel…DNA intel…
    and I hear it’s not you that the Kid is related to…’your an old soul’ is the one hint you get…

    • Info says:

      you mean Saladin bloodline…and yes like Saladin the Kid will take Syria back and give it back to the peoples and go back where the Kid has lived…and there is HUGE money with this Kid…from the mothers side from what I understand…recent visits of leaders indicate they are very nervous of this revelation…I am not sure what they will whine about more: losing their money gravy-train and or shift in powers…lol…Welcome to the Show…grin!

      • ADN says:

        and the kid will deal with it – just like Saladin did…some things you cannot get rid of…

    • ADN says:

      yeah notice recent influx of videos…sounds like someone will be kicking some ass…one of those where you think they are a certain somewhere and then oh shit you find out they are gone…boo…

  17. Randi says:

    Long live Assad, long live Syria and her people! :)

  18. The Kid says:

    Luis Delgado – Epitaph

    • Lol... says:

      News Headlines in AmeriKa – Syrian troops capture famed Crusader castle…big grin…lol…

    • The Kid says:

      Cold – Wasted Years…Bad news Brother…ask the past Iran President about it…tell him I said what I thought had passed has not…And I will expedite the legal paperwork…sorry I got sick on you…I guess I didn’t fight hard enough…It is time… for one more round…go out with my boots on…in the fight of life in humanity Brother…sorry I never met you…may Saladin be with you and guide you…and listen to music…it is a good tool of communication to use…it is a way of ‘expressing our emotions’ …ask Iran about that…
      Assad you need to keep talking to God… all the time…don’t’ be afraid…there is no fear except what you do not know…and that will not be much when you learn of it…whatever it might be…then you will realize “mountain out of molehill” worry is futile…stay logical and statistical in communications in the media…peoples of the world are seeing a “dirty little trick” with terrorism in motion and your attempts to stop it…keep trying Brother…because sometimes what we do is not for ourselves but for all mankind…God Be with all mankind!

    • Intel says:

      stay on that course…don’t let these BASTARDS sideline you now…

  19. No Name says:

    Alice in Chains – Hollow…hollow as a mountain…all tunneled and drilled below…crowned with the cold blue sky…silence…so loud….silence….I can’t tell my up from down…

    Pop Evil – Deal with the Devil…I can’t get away with murder…I am bound to take it further…when your high who your flying for…when your ride who your riding for…when you toast who your drinking for…

    When you Play – you got to deal with the Devil…good luck with all that…things are not what they seem Assad…those around you are not your brothers/ friends…they have loyalties elsewhere…

    DNA is your way out…remember that…and when there is no answer when you finally call?

    Ask Iran: “you have the wrong address” and “your nothing but a mosquito” what is that all about?

    You will have to ask the past Iran President about all that…

    I hear he has a nickname of “Shorty”…smirk…

    • Cheers! says:

      yes I hear the focus has shifted due to new evidence presented…makes for interesting legal proceedings…imagine the one that exposed the Catholic Church at Geneva…ouch.

      • Intel says:

        Kingdom of Heaven indeed…

      • Intel says:

        DNA results show 1 person in USA related to the Kid…the rest are in England and the Middle East…even a name in Iran that keeps coming up…still sorting the data….but it does appear that strategic placement took place…and that money was funneled out of USA to? England is being an ass…distant relatives but close are not available…oh my Queen needs not be such a bitch…but it seems some things never change do they?

  20. john says:

    I am from Ireland. I support al assad and hope he can defeat these western puppets. Maybe Syrian government should invite christians into Syria to help fight with and defend christians.against jihadist’s. Al Assad had much support in the west but our media don’t show this. KEEP UP THE FIGHT. GO SAA

  21. Just shaking my head… I have been through conflicts before and there is no resolve in accusations and deadly combat. If Bashar al-Assad wants to continue, then the rest of the world knows why. The evidence is clear. But political situation is such that Syria down means a destabilised middle east. Israel knows this, we know this. If Bashar al-Assad even moves out of his borders, he will be captured and gone n the end. Sad to say, but think he will go down but taking a lot of unnecessary normal loving family people to the grave with him. This is not normal by European or eastern standards. But it will prevail, only thing we think of is what it will cost. The sacrifice is beyond imagination.

    • Intel says:

      that is because there is a DNA floater that is going to come and bring down Assad…
      And it’s a force you don’t want to recon with…ask the Catholic Church about that one…
      See You Tube under 49logger…lol…it will start to come together for you…it sounds like what might be absence of place and time does not matter…DNA is DNA…and it pumps
      ‘when I see Red’ and that is a temper only God can tame…man has tried and failed..;)

  22. Navneet says:

    we from india, and Indian citizens living in the u.s. want al assad to fight his way out of this war and retain full power over syria for the good of the people

  23. Why was it that America, both left and right, wanted to bomb Syria? Wasn’t America a Christian country at one time? Didn’t the left in America claimed that President Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction? Now that the same left is in charge, they are saying that Syria has weapons of mass destruction? (you almost want to laugh) How about in Rwanda where the Hutus murdered 800,000 Tutsi in a matter of days? Why kind of weapons did they use? You people a morons. Assad protects Christians, Alawis, and other minorities. And all this bullshit about sectarianism is a joke. His wife is Sunni. Assad, Gaddafi (R.I.P.), Putin, and Chavez (R.I.P.) are the best world leaders. Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, and others were at one time secular socialists against WHITE IMPERIALISM. They had the Arab Baath Party which means in Arabic renaissance. America, the Dutch, French, British are the White Imperialism. who want no unity between Arab Muslims or Christians, people to the government, so they can divide and conquer. How is is the most SECULAR ME countries are America enemies Lebanon, Syria, Iran(freedom of religion for Jews/Christians), Libya(women rights, minority rights, free healthcare/education) and Iraq under Saddam…But America’s best friend is Saudi Arabia and Qatar…smells like Extremists to me, folks. WAKE UP! Syria is a place where Jews, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Sunnis, Shias, Alawis, Ba’ahi, etc. live altogether. They have different religious groups in parliament like Iran, where Saudi Arabia, doesn’t allow anyone but a fair-skinned Sunni Saudi to breathe. America just wants to cut pipeline deal between Iran-Iraq-Russia-and Syria, install GMOS, (Syria doesn’t have any) and install IMF contract. Iraq was secular, THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE Saddam killed his people, the UN didn’t give America AUTHORIZATION, and ICC, INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT wanted BUSH NOT SADDAM to face war crimes he committed. NOW THERE IS A THEOCRACY, all thanks to good ol’ America. America supported the Shah who was secular but then he installed SABEGH which is the Iranian KGB and spied on his citizens, built castles all over the country and stole from his people. THEY THEN OVER THREW HIM , but not the ones you silly AMERICANS know about the so-called ISLAMIC REVOLUTION but the one in the 50s when a DEMOCRACY under Mohammad Mosaddegh, who gave women rights, minorty rights, and freedom to vote, he was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953, when his government was overthrown in a coup d’état orchestrated by the British MI6 and the American CIA” Most of Iran’s oil reserves were in the Persian Gulf area and had been developed by the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) for export to Britain. For a number of reasons–a growing consciousness of how little Iran was getting from the AIOC for its oil; refusal of the AIOC to offer of a ‘50–50% profit sharing deal’ to Iran as Aramco had to Saudi Arabia; anger over Iran’s defeat and occupation by the Allied powers–nationalization of oil was an important and popular issue with a “broad cross-section of the Iranian people. Mosaddegh explained his nationalization policy in a 21 June 1951 speech:Our long years of negotiations with foreign countries…have yielded no results thus far. With the oil revenues we could meet our entire budget and combat poverty, disease, and backwardness among our people. Another important consideration is that by the elimination of the power of the British company, we would also eliminate corruption and intrigue, by means of which the internal affairs of our country have been influenced. Once this tutelage has ceased, Iran will have achieved its economic and political independence. The Iranian state prefers to take over the production of petroleum itself. The company should do nothing else but return its property to the rightful owners. The nationalization law provide that 25% of the net profits on oil be set aside to meet all the legitimate claims of the company for compensation. It has been asserted abroad that Iran intends to expel the foreign oil experts from the country and then shut down oil installations. Not only is this allegation absurd; it is utter invention” America wants control of Middle East and it will create and fund terrorists if needed. When will you realize America doesn’t care about Arab women/Muslim women, Arab minorities, or democracy! Its just a card they play, Americans buy the media sells lies. Hell, even the U.S. isn’t a democracy but a unitary republic! Even Libya had Gaddafi who was Secular and wanted unity between Africa, which is why he was the chairman of the African Union, and anti-white devil imperialism. Nelson Mandela was even friends with him and so was the rest of Africa. They consider hi to be black, the rest of the Arab world hated him except fro Assad and Saddam who were secular. Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Syria…then Iran. So long Arab Ba’athism (secular socialist Arab unity against white Imperialism). Goodbye freedom of religion and secularism. Hello white-imperialism-wahabbis!

    How do you know if this is true. It AMUSES ME, you ignoramus Americans believe everything your government tells you. The ones who did the gassing is Al Qaeda militants. I would rather believe my friends in Aleppo and Homs, then WHITE IMPERIALIST AMERICA GOVT. America or no government hep anyone, its all lies, OIL, control, Banking system, etc. If America cares about DEMOCKRACY, why then befriend King Abdullah Azziz, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said of Oman, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea ” And yet, Human Rights Watch says Obiang’s country is “mired in corruption, poverty, and repression,” and his government “regularly engages in torture and arbitrary detention.” The president’s son reportedly spent more on luxury goods between 2004 and 2007 “than the country’s annual education budget.” Why does America complain about Assad when these guys are in charge,it’s ok ….Confusing. So, the U.S. government supports the brutal dictatorships that oppress their own people, which inspires anger and rage not only against the dictatorship but also against the United States, which the U.S. government then uses as a justification for its support of the dictatorship. How’s that for empire logic?


  24. Mr President don’t let US terrorists to defeat your country

  25. yuri George Mushak says:

    The road to a friend’s house is never long.

  26. HOMSY says:


    Madame, Monsieur,

    Je suis Français, mais je soutiens moralement le Président Bachar el Assad.

    Les rebelles, en déclenchant une révolution armée, ont commis un crime contre la paix. Ils ont instauré un état de guerre dans un pays qui était en paix. Ils sont, de ce fait, responsable des morts, des contraintes, des humiliations et souffrances que cet état de guerre a engendré.

    Des témoins affirment que des rebelles ont commis de nombreux crimes de guerre: exécutions de prisonniers, assassinats, viols, enlèvements, conversion forcée à l’Islam de civils.

    S’agissant de la répression armée par Bachar el Assad contre les rebelles, tout chef d’État, François Hollande le premier, aurait agit ainsi. S’agissant des armes chimiques, aucun organisme indépendant n’a fourni la preuve de leur utilisation par Bachar el Assad. Puisque la France et les États-Unis soutiennent les rebelles syriens, de même que, dans le passé, ils ont soutenu les rebelles tunisiens, libyens et égyptiens, on peut légitimement douter de leur impartialité. Il s’en suit, que l’on peut douter de la véracité des soi disant preuves présentées par les dirigeants de ces pays.

    Les pays qui soutiennent les rebelles, en leur fournissant des armes ou d’autres équipements, en approuvant ou en ne condamnant les rebelles, se font les complices des crimes sus mentionnés.

    Les pays qui livrent des armes, du matériel ou qui aident autrement les rebelles, sont, indirectement, coupables d’attaquer militairement un État souverain, ce qui constitue une violation du droit international.

    Il faut cesser de faire l’apologie de la révolution armée comme mode de changement d’un régime. Il faut déclarer que le dialogue est l’unique voie acceptable pour réformer un régime.

    En tant que syriaque-catholique, je souhaite que le régime Baas, un régime respectueux des minorités religieuses, c’est-à-dire des non-musulmans, demeure en Syrie.

    J’ai envoyé un e-mail Mr François Hollande et à tous les députés français pour défendre ce point de vue.

    Je suis admiratif du courage peuple syrien et reconnaissant à Monsieur Vladimir Poutine pour son soutien à la Syrie.

    Je vous prie d’agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de ma considération distinguée.

    Michael HOMSY

  27. The Kid says:

    Brother…news over here in USA says you are “in your own reality”…sounds like sleep deprivation to me…but you are the doctor…if you need some respite call Vladamir…will get ride to see you…
    Things will be fine…they know not what they do Brother…they are immature and scared of peace!
    There is no money in it for them…they will have to WORK…so let them bellow in their bourbon…
    They say you only know where you have been…you don’t want to know…but suffice to say legally I have many by the nuts…when one is smarter than the system it does make them cry wolf often!
    Live Entertainment indeed…good thing I am not running a popularity contest…I would surely lose!

    • Soldier for Hire says:

      yes what is this fuss Putin keeps making about adoptions and the USA??? Now they try to cover their ass with medicaid fraud with Russian diplomats…we know don’t steal USA hates competition…grin…

    • Intel says:

      hey kiddo…so got your DNA and it shows what was suspected…England and Middle East…Syria is few in who is there and we have to test them to get a match…call me…

  28. Germany says:

    Obama and Illuminatis

    This is the resistence and we will overcome… Long live Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian people!

  29. Luís Campos says:

    We will pray for the Syrian victory against the western enemies. Europe is with you Bashar al-Assad, only the corrupt press and our corrupt politics and the fucking NEW WORLD ORDER is against the happiness of people in this world. But we are stronger and we have no fear.

    God is on our side! Long live our humanity and the people of Syria!

    • The Kid says:

      I tell many that a new world order is like going to grocery store and only being able to buy one thing…let me know how that works out for humanity…it won’t…end of story…

  30. Gabriele says:

    Syria is doing a great job fighting terrorist of Al Qaeda and keeping democracy and freedom. Al Assad is a great president and USA and France are making a big mistake to attack him. They fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and IRAQ and they support it for Syria. Simply absurd….
    Here in Italy our people supports Syrian government and his president.
    God bless Syria and his President! Peace not war!

  31. Chile says:

    Al Assad, may Ala the Almaighty destroy you and your future generations for your crimes against the people of Siria. Hope US kick your dirty ass soon.
    From Chile, South America.

    • grace says:

      Another idiot who doesn’t know what is happening. Why don’t you google Fallujah-The hidden masacre. Maybe you learn something valuable. In contrary, I hope President Assad army kick not only american asses, but all rats who invaded his country. You have a long way to go to learn about world affairs, especially Arab world. Get to work and educate yourselv, before you open your mouth on a public forum.

      • rola says:

        You see what is wrong with people, they go with what they hear, they dont see the truth about bashar al assad. once they heard that he is bad, they go along with it. Allah, Syria, Bashar w bass!

    • Portugal says:

      Americans used agent orange in Vietnam and nothing happened. In Iraq they’ve told us that they had chemical weapons and than we found out that they’ve been lieing. Wake up buddy we need you in this struggle!

    • The Kid says:

      oh shut the fuck up…Assad is a DOCTOR…the Hippocratic oath of Medicine…
      your a dumb ass…thanks for sharing…

  32. The Kid says:

    New Radicals – You Get What You Give…don’t give up Brother Assad…paperwork is in Geneva!

  33. polarbear59 says:

    And by the way; Why would Bashar use poison gas when he was winning without it?

  34. polarbear59 says:

    When did we win the War on Terror? When did Al Qaida become our new buddy in the middle east? Helping Al Qaida in Syria is a slap in the face to every American soldier who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and every victim of 9/11. I am an American, a veteran, a supporter of Israel and a supporter of the war on terror. But even I cannot stomach this. Syria is being invaded by the same al Qaida that the Iraqi insurgents made peace with us to get rid of.
    Is there anything so immoral and stupid and dangerous that my country won’t try it?
    If there is to be a national reconciliation in Syria it can only come through Bashar.
    God save Syria. God bless Bashar.

  35. No Name says:

    Tool – Schism…hey Brother…got three trucks now…red, white and black…all Chevy…gonna line them up in the yard and watch the live entertainment from the western fockers…giggle…

    • Geneva says:

      you better mellow the fock out…distant glare…dont’ make me get up out of here…might have to stretch my legs…and wings…and besides don’t you have enough live entertainment with the recent vehicle tampering? They keep trying to take you out…
      And before you bellow ‘well they are not very good at it’ mellow out! Aren’t you still in college or did they cut you off of that progress as well? I will see what I can do…

  36. Grace says:

    Thank you Yuri, as always!

  37. Fred Stein says:

    Mr President, dear Dr. Assad,

    keep on blowing the s-hit out of the rats who kill Your people and show the world who is the real enemy of any cultured and socialized human being – US + EU and their masters of Zion
    My thoughts, my mind and my hope is with You, Your country and Your brave soldiers of SAA.

    From Frankfurt
    Fred St.

    • Grace says:

      Well said Fred from Frankfurt, well said! Why the germans are not protesting against it. You are part of this murderous EU. Do something! Your government is supporting army of relentless assassins and ruthless terrorist that are killing innocent syrians.

  38. yuri Peanuts says:

    ‘America has no functioning democracy’ – Jimmy Carter on NSA
    Read more at ‘US anti-terrorism policy violates human rights’ – Jimmy Carter
    Read more at Live President Bashar AL Assad !! Long Live Syria <3

    • Grace says:

      Hi Yuri! Don’t you know that is part of propaganda machine in UK. Just look what they write of Syria. Syrians consider them their enemy.

      • yuri says:

        WikiLeaks may well be a CIA/Mossad operation,Asian intelligence sources that there is a strong belief in some Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand, that the website Wikileaks, which purports to publish classified and sensitive documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers, is linked to U.S. cyber-warfare and computer espionage operations, as well as to Mossad’s own cyber-warfare activities.”Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself. Its [Wikileaks’] activities in Iceland are totally suspect.” Wikileaks claims it is the victim of a new COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Program] operation directed by the Pentagon and various U.S. intelligence agencies. WMR’s sources believe that it is Wikileaks that is part and parcel of a cyber-COINTELPRO campaign, such as that proposed by President Obama’s “information czar,” Dr. Cass Sunstein.In January 2007, John Young, who runs, a site that publishes a wealth of sensitive and classified information, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front. Young also published some 150 email messages sent by Wikileaks activists on cryptome. They include a disparaging comment about this editor by Wikileaks co-founder Dr. Julian Assange of Australia. Assange lists as one of his professions “hacker.” His German co-founder of Wikileaks uses a pseudonym, “Daniel Schmitt.”In China, Wikileaks is suspected of having Mossad connections. It is pointed out that its first “leak” was from an Al Shabbab “insider” in Somalia. Al Shabbab is the Muslim insurgent group that the neocons have linked to “Al Qaeda.”

      • yuri The Battleship Potemkin says:

        oh my goodness

        look at those losers

        walked on this planet and found their death in syria

        such filthy elments should be hanged at Border Entrance of Lebanon
        and then call their Families to pick them up

        and the families should be put to Slavery and rebuild Syria
        until their death

        viva Syria!

        Posted 2 hours ago By
        jhameran (468.70)
        Two bags of warm guts, with decision making capabilities, get killed.

        They’ll make more

        Posted 2 hours ago By
        Detroit Iron (2125.30)
        FSA is gay.. Nothing more to say

        Posted 1 hour ago By
        Lerssiseta (26.30)
        Always the BBC geo-political slant. And the thing is many of these Jihadi terrorists have been influenced by Imam’s allowed to exist in the UK. Syria was a secular society before the foreign Jihadi Islamic mercenary terrorists were launched on Syria out of their radical mosques. They have destroyed Syria.

        Posted 27 mins ago By
        Observe Decipher (471.30)
        Documentary made by BBC. Must be full of bull-shit and propaganda. You know, those kind of things that western press do to influence people…

        Posted 38 mins ago By
        alexro (53.10)
        from the People who covered up the sexual abuse of 400 children at the hands of Syria , presents Syria a history in revision 2013.


        we have to pay TV tax to fund this propaganda!

        Posted 27 mins ago By
        TruthLogic (9.00)
        That’s because the foreign Jihadi mercenary terrorists are paid in U.S. dollars by their handlers and brokers.

        Posted 38 mins ago By
        Observe Decipher (471.30)
        @Observe Decipher
        by the cia rats in jordan and turkey

        we knowt that at all
        we have enough evidence to bring half of american corrupt leadreship behind the bars

        viva syria!

        Posted 37 mins ago By
        jhameran (468.90)
        Allah yehmeek. Victory to Syria. Victory to humans, not goats, not Organ eaters. Death to all extremist jihadist FSA scum in Syria.. Actually. All around the world

        Posted 1 hour ago By
        Free citizen (46.20)
        mr.assad will no more deal in dollars

        that is finished
        FINE !

        syria – russia – iran – china

        we go all the way

        come on Israel attack !
        come on America attack !

        You want war you can have it !

        two third will be wiped out and rest may shit in their holes

        are sure you want that

        We have honor dignity

        what do you have ?


        viva Syira !

        Posted 1 hour ago By
        jhameran (468.90)
        millions more like this,LONG LIVE SYRIA<LONG LIVE THE SAA<GOD BLESS!

  39. arve oftedal says:

    god bless SAA,the syrian People and their president. If,when all the rats have been taken care of,and the truth becomes Clear,It will be the best day of my 46 year old life,in norway. My own government have shown itself as a chicken puppet state,with huge doble standards,and the most cencored and shamefull “free” press Ican think of. And we started of by giving Obama the nobel Peace price,and after that we were absolutley happy to join his war in LIBYA,,by offer Our F16,ns along w pilots,wthout a question,bomb a souvern great country who,s never been a threat to us,and help preparing the ground for the rats to create hell for libyans,and to sodomize and kill Gaddafi,who was a hero

  40. Syria says:

    Bashar I am from Canada. Even though Canada has not spent much money arming the terrorists, our neighbours down south (cough U.S.A. cough) have been arming Al-Qaeda linked militants to punish your country for being a member of The Resistance.

    I just want you and all Syrians to know that we in Canada support your fight against extremists.

    Please do not have a negative impression of the people in the West. There is little to no conjunction between our governments policy in Syria, and the actual wants of the citizens of the Western world.

  41. Remon says:

    I love you Bashar Al Assad. I’m from Iraq. Kill those Terrorists called FSA and send them those bastards to the hell of Fire . I support you Bashar Al Assad.

  42. lordalinaqvi says:

    5 crore shia muslims nd lakhs of sunnies r in support wid asad in INDIA , syria..Long Live President Bashar AL Assad -hezbollah :).

    • akula says:

      Cheers and amen to that. A lot of Indian citizens are in solidarity with Bashar Assad and the Syrian govt. and people.

  43. Võ Hiệp says:

    1 love to him from Vietnam and all those FSA are terrorists

  44. vector333 says:

    Long live Bashar al Assad and the syrian people, death to the FSA terrorists scum. From an American that does not believe the bullshit his media tries to shove down his throat.

  45. Grace says:

    Well, you are wrong again. I don’t rely on official media from any country, because they are all lying. Have you ever heard about “wording” for jurnalist from AP? It is a censorship, so we have no true news. I rely mostly on witnesses stories, and I have friends in Syria. You should not be against Bashar, he is the only President in an Arab World with guts, who knows how to stand up against US-Israel-UK-Saudi-Qatar coalition against syrians. Do you want the same happen to your country what is happpening now in Iraq for example? Or do you want to be occupied like Palestine? Do you really? Wake up and smell the roses, while you can, or there will be sorrow only left..

  46. Grace says:

    My boyfriend is syrian. His parents are in Damascus.I have seen what rebels have done to his country from pictures we get directly from Syria. I admire Bashar Al-Assad and I hope he wins this war on Syria. Enforced on them with so called Free Syrian Army by USA-UK- Qatar- Saudi coalitions. Shame on you, you bloody criminals. You are not human. Bashar we love you here in Canada!

  47. RussianReaper says:

    Long live Al Assad and Hezbollah who are fighting Al Qaida, while US are arming them, same dudes that caused 911.
    Peace and REAL democracy,
    From Russia

    • Grace says:

      If you have a chance, say thank you to your President Putin for supporting Syria. I personally love Putin. He is a great politician, has a lot of guts! A man with balls not like the others, especially US politician, who always hide behind US army. I just watch the news and had to puke, another “surprising visit” of another coward from USA in Syria. Ha, ha, ha , maybe foolish americans can buy it. What a crap! Love to Russia from Canada!

      • JHAUBS says:

        Grace, we are not all foolish,,,, here in America. Ours eyes are opening,,, and we – in overwhelming numbers – do not want American intervention in Syria. Assad needs to,,, someway,,, some how,,, make a statement addressed to the American people that demonstrates an overwhelming truth about what is really happening in Syria,,, get the American people to overwhelmingly see that factions within our own government have become the corrupt backers of the very terrorist who attacked us on 9/11,,, and show that our president is NOT,,, making decisions that are meant to help America. Assad MUST use the American people to SAVE Syria. The American People,,, can,,, and will,,, control our government if President Bashar Al Assad,,, can reach out,,, and connect with us,,, and prove to us that he is fighting a fight meant in support of his people,,, their benefit,,,, and their well being. In the end,,,, Syria’s greatest allies,,,, are the American people,,,, not the current American government.

        TO PRESIDENT Bashar Al Assad:
        Reach out to the American People,,, make it personal, look into the camera and tell the American People the truth,,,, show us that you are fighting a good fight,,, show us that the terrorists are responsible for the atrocities being committed in Syria,,,, ask the American People to help you to save the free world. Use social media to provide a nonstop stream of information that demonstrates that you are fighting – making a stand against Al Qaida and their ambitions to destroy the American way of life. Get Putin and Xi Jinping to stand with you and address the American people,,, together,,, show the American People that we must stop our government,,, regain control of our government,,, and turn against the global terrorists whom our current US President seems to be supporting!!!

        The world,,,is a better place,,, with Bashar Al Assad leading Syria


      • grace says:

        JHAUBS – thank you for your words. I wish there is more americans like you. I am wondering if americans are ever going to wake up, and realise that USA is not what is used to be. Your congres is dominated by jews, and the rest is under huge influence of AIPAC. As long as USA has this sick alliance with Israel, and support them financially and militarily, and to protect the peace in ME financing Eypt military too, USA will suffer. I hope you relise that Israel can’t exist without America, and this is ruining your country. Israel should not exist in its present form. Your country is supporting violence and all the attrocities comitted against palestinians. This support since 1948 is the reason, why USA is in such financial crisis, and it only will get deeper. I believe that your President Kennedy was the first american president who tried to severe this sick ties to Israel and he paid for it with his life. As long as USA politician pledge loyalty to Israel and not to USA, you will suffer even more. I don’t know what can wake up your country man. Don’t feel offended but in my books your country along with Israel is the biggest terrorist in our world. Sorry! I also don’t think it is Assad that should talk directly to americans. Assad has done no harm to USA, perhaps except refusing to be their puppet. I think you, americans, should take the streets and protest against yourown politicians and to stop them from being self appointed world police.

  48. Misaki says:

    I couldn’t see my comment on other net,why?

  49. Maram says:

    You might hate what you are about to read now, but I am a human before anything and I speak the truth whether others are going to like it or not . I can never get it why would a human with a tiny bit of humanity support Bashar Al-Assad ! Open your eyes people , don’t be misled by the media ! Do you know what those who are against him ( which are the majority of the Syrians ) did in the beginning ?? They just demonstrated for their rights , YES THEIR RIGHTS ! Who ever told you that there were democracy and freedom in Syria is ignorant or afraid of being arrested for speaking about what goes around in Syria of corruption or he is one of those who spy on what others say ,so if they say anything about their opinion in Bashar or his regime , they will be put in prison and get tortured because they are considered trouble makers . On the 15th of march 2011 , some of the Syrians demonstrated peacefully calling for freedom and from the first day they were shot , arrested and tortured by Bashar’s Army . They even arrested kids and tortured them in the most criminal way , shot videos of them to let Syrians -who are demonstrating or thinking about demonstrating- see what would happen to them if they do . Even though Bashar’s army kept arresting the protesters ( men , girls , kids , women…etc ) torture them and then kill them and they would even rape girls multiple times and then kill them . The Syrian rebels kept demonstrating peacefully for another 6 months though they were certain that in any time they might get killed .During the demonstrations , lots of Bashar’s Army members started to defect because of the horrible things they have to do to the rebels and because they could not bear seeing innocent people getting killed in front of them . And that was how the free Syrian army started . They defend the Syrians who are killed by Bashar’s army , But of course they would call them ” terrorists ” while they are real heroes . Until this day and this hour , while we are sitting in our homes safe and some idiots pray for Bashar , loads and loads of innocent kids are getting killed by Bashar’s army . By the way I have lots of friends who their families , relatives friends , neighbors ..etc were killed in Syria , some of them were arrested , and if they ask any of the people they know, about what is happening in Syria, those people have to say that it is safe or they will be arrested as well .And it is something well-known and all of my friends who were studying in Syria during the revolution , been through it, that whenever a demonstration for Bashar starts ,they were forced to join in it by their school because it got orders from the government. And if they refuse to join , they and their fathers will be arrested ! One post is not enough at all to say everything about the Syrian revolution . In Syria if you are against Bashar , you will get killed . Fact .

    P.S : Know who is Bashar and who is his dad – Hafiz- and their whole regime ,and you will hate yourself for being a supporter for him .

    • Mazy says:

      I know that the rebels are desecrating holy sites, eating a soldier’s internal organ, raping, giving children swords to behead civilians etc. How you can supporting them, I don’t know. Most of those rebels are not even Syrian as being portrayed. The rebels are supported by America and Israel and I am NOT supporting anyone who openly claims their help and money to kill their own Muslim fellows. Neither do I judge any of them for being Shia or Sunni.
      You people are the ones supporting evil kuffar and creating deeper divisions between Muslims. Why didn’t anyone have a problem with Assad before the West got involved?

    • Grace says:

      I feel sorry for you. Who brain washed you? I am polish living in Canada, have a syrian boyfriend,and eyes wide open. You don’t understand what is going on in Syria. Please educate yourself, before you speak on a public forum.

      • ken jackson says:

        why don’t you and your boy friend go and live in Syria and spout off there
        assad is better than the so called free Syrian army

      • Grace who was your comment aimed at and who is it that your support?

      • Grace says:

        Hi everyone here! I have to correct something. My reply was aimed at Maram post, dated May22. I am supporting Bashar Al Assad with all my hearth, and true syrian people as well!!

        To ken jackson…we are too old, and our life is here for past 25 years.
        Tony Montana..if your comment was directed to me? Well I hope it explains everything.
        I am very much against US (jews running this country) and US puppet countries in Europe and in the Middle East. For your information I am devoted catholic, and my boyfriend is a muslim, and there is no religious clashes in our life. We respect each other religion, and celebrate both of ours holydays. I don’t like wars, violence and cruelty, and brutality to others. What has been done by Us to Iraq, just brakes my heart, but the death of my hero Gaddafi just pissed me of big time. I don’t care what nasty things has been said about him. He was my hero because he spoke the truth about evil work , the western countries are doing, because he wanted to change the currency to gold dinnar. You understand what it means? Because for past ten years he was building huge well.It could have solved problem with water in many african countries. It is well known that the desert has the bigest in the whole world drinking water supply. Under it. There is so many good things I can say about him..The same about Mr. Assad. I believe that Israel is behind all that bs. They wanted to get rid of Assad a long time ago. I hope he gets help from Russia, Iran, Lebanon, and others to win this invasion on his country! And as for Hessbollah(I am not sure about spelling). Thank you guys for helping the President Assad.
        Okay, I hope it is enough explanation about my post.

        My love to Mr. Assad
        to my boyfriend family in Damascus, to my friends in Aleppo , and to all syrians !!

      • Lol... says:

        ken jackson still hacking systems for your child rapist brother daniel?

      • Geneva says:

        and they are working with the Religious Right in Alaska connected with the KKK in AK…
        all the way to DC and England…so the recent vehicle tampering while the Kid escorts an elder to a doctors appt and grocery shopping? Hmmm…should go over well in Syria…lol…that is the Kid cares about…doesn’t care about the money – well except to get it back with interest and some punitive damages…oh shit the USA and the UK will cry ‘depression v. 2.0’…you should know all about computers Ken Jackson…head tilt…tell Danny boy he better leave the Kid alone…and any hair on that head or that of her children comes harm and you get to deal with me…see when you are a caretaker ‘your quality will be known among your enemies ever before you meet them’ and they know what they heard is nonsense…but keep up the ‘racket’…I feel sorry for those who ‘light that hurricane that resides in the Kid’ lol..ask Russia’s Putin about that ‘temper’
        Go on and ask Iran about that….’When I See Red’ indeed Mr. Jackson…pass it on now!

    • Tony Montana says:

      Why don’t you go and join the FSA than run your mouth off here. Go get killed as a hero if you have the guts. Hero for Saudi and Qatari fuckers plus their American-British and French pussy masters. Fuck off and die

    • Chrischi the German says:

      I agree with you, that the first protests and demonstrations were mishandled by Bashar. But the demonstrations and resistance of those first weeks have NOTHING to do with what is going on in Syria now. That mob terrorising the population, flown in from Lybia, Chechenya and Saudi Arabia, armed by Turkey, funded by Qatar, provided with intelligence by Israel and trained by USA are not representing the Syrian people. They represent Syrias worst enemies. They represenred violance, extremism, ignorance and division amongst Syrians. Do you want this scum to have the upper hand in Syria? Do you want them to rule a nation of great diversity of religion, race and culture?


      And all this just because Assad preferred a gas-pipeline to run from Iran to Syrias shore over one that would have run from Qatar through Syria, ending in Turkey?! Just look at the beginning of the civil war and which country imported and support the mob.

  50. Lorenzo De luca says:

    Long Live Assad

  51. John says:


  52. Ella Marie Jackson says:

    Blessings and much love, to President Bashar Al Assad, his lovely wife and children, to the precious people of Syria, God’s Beloved. May God bless and heal you, your people, and your land. May God protect you, restore you and your land, and give you peace. May you know joy again and God’s presence be with you, now and always. We forgive our enemies and put them in God’s hands for their repentance. In The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, we command Satan’ bond in Syria, and to get out of Syria, now, In Jesus Name. In The Name of Jesus Christ, we command the evil be stoped, and Syria’s enemies to leave Syria now, In Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus. Best Wishes, Ella Marie

  53. Fons says:

    Praise for your leader president Assad who is adecent man. I’m ashamed of our Belgian politicians who are blunt followers of France and The United States. The western media are lying all the time, especially about the situation in Syria. Mister President keep all these foreign fanatics from power and send them to paradise with, or without their khalasnikovs.They are bullshit!

  54. Josef says:

    May God bless Bashar Al Assad, May His Regime stand by God’s Sovereign Hand

  55. Uzair Zaman says:

    May Assad purge Syria of it’s enemies and inshallah during or after the conflict hopefully they should use chemical weapons against the zionist nation and further add to U.S. and their allies woes.

  56. Hillary Clinton says:

    I am a witch who promotes democracy like that in Iraq, Libya and Egypt!!!

    Support from Australia!!!

  57. EDL in France says:

    Support to Bachar Al Assad from France ! May you finally get the solution with those terrorists rebels who are not syrians for some !!!

  58. mike fernsndes says:

    political solution n talks will solve the crises say no to west military attack in syria…..
    people of syria want assad in power..
    If isreal wnts peace in the region thn assad shud remain ib power now n after the conflict..
    assad is syrias peace…which the west with rebels want to sieze…

    • Anoop says:

      The whole culprit for this crises in Syria is Qatar, let the so called democracy start in Qatar & Saudi Arabia. Let those so called Kings & Kalifha’s step down from their throne, then we can talk about democracy. They have money & falls as puppets to the West, we the people need to understand the truth. President Basher Assad as done lot to the Syrian’s than those kings & kalifha’s of Qatar & Saudi. Time will come when oneday they will be thrown out of power, the truth will fianlly emerge from the dusk. Long Live Basher Assad….long live the People of Syria…..

  59. mike fernsndes says:

    as u know about the civil war in syria,iv been following news since i was a child n as i kno syria ws always better with assad’s n the west with USA trying to create problms in the middle east by fuelling the syrian crises. thy wnt middle east countries dstabalised one by one so that their economy can grow.thy wnt muslims to kill muslims n other minorities people…look at iraq,libya,afganistan. thy r targating one by one. mr.assad was is a better choice to lead the country forward.
    long live assad n as an Indian i urge govt of India with the BRICS to support assad govt and start a peace process for syrians.The rebels hv no agenda n it has become puppet of the west n the media shows only in favour of rebels by hiding the truth.
    Dear people of syria the rebels r killers.. support ur president assad as he was changing syria. The world should know that assad is the ligitimate leader of syrians. Quatar n group is islamists.

    India Support Syrian president Basshr al Assad…… with the BRICS.

  60. Maria says:

    Long Live Syria, Long Live President Bashar Al Assad. I see that a lot of Syrian citizens support Bashar Al Assad, so he must be a good President and a good man.
    Greetings from Poland.

    • Grace says:

      Dziekuje ci kolezanko za twoje slowa. Milo wiedziec ze ktos w kraju sie tym interesuje.
      All power to Bashar Al-Assad!!!

  61. Tyler says:

    Despite being an American, I have to say that Assad is certainly better for Syria and it’s minorities than the Islamic government that the insurgents will no doubt establish.

  62. Bill says:

    Long live Syria, do not let Syria become another Libya.

  63. Jake says:

    Fight strong, Assad, and never give up! Crush the idiot youth of Syria! Do not give into the pressure of the west, fight with everything you have! Use your nerve gas weapons if necessary but do not let what happened to Ghaddafi happen to you–you have our support and best wishes!

  64. monaazi says:

    dont with the criminal, down with the criminal. bashar is a dog killing his own people, people who belive basahr is right youve obviously been brainswashed by the media

    • haha the media!!! you are the one who has been brainwashed. Syrian people are aware of what is happening in their own country, unlike you.

    • Randi says:

      The USA wants Syria to be an Islamic Playground that supplies them with a lot of gas and oil and resources, because Obama is a Kenyan-Born Muslim who wants to support his brothers who are terrorists, and the American public is gullible to the max. Democracy is the least thing they got on their mind, it’s just a cover, a lie, and it’s pretty clear that Saudi Arabia sent the Chemical Weapons, not Assad. The mainstream corporate media does what it does best and tries to do a lot of editing to make people think Assad is doing these attacks.

    • Randi says:

      Libya is an Islamic (Terrorist) playground of USA supplying natural resources while promoting misery, lies, and death by rape, stoning, etc. Gadaffi was a strong man, and a great man who would have brought his country out of recession. It’s a politically-motivated war, and they pay the extremist, dumb liars who will find an excuse to lie about the so-called ‘dictators’. Counter-productive. If Israel wants peace, then why don’t they stop Obama from supporting the terrorists?

  65. Gerard says:

    As an American, I watch the news media in this country and find myself asking, “Am I the only one who understands what is at stake here?” President Assad may not be shining example of truth and justice (as if any politician actually is), but the man and his supporters are the champions of diversity in the region. If he falls, there will be a holocaust of Christians and Muslims like we have never seen. You want to fight the Global War On Terror? Time to stop trusting the media, read some books about Assad and Syria (there are plenty), and start speaking up against the terrorists trying to overthrow the Syrian government. I wonder what the response from the government in this country would be if armed thugs decided the President should step down and waged war? Would Obama just step down, or would he deploy the Armed Forces to put down the insurrection?
    As an American and a Christian (though not a very good one for long while now), I say long live Assad. Keep up the fight Syria. Truth will always prevail.

    • Randi says:

      I see the civillian group. Brainwashed by Al-Quaeda (The bearded cuban-looking guys), with radical elements, Al-Nusra, all these idiots who do not know about managing a country and do not understand economics. I don’t blame them because bad economics = a part of people aren’t educated. Uneducated + Poor = Naive and taken advantage of by the Islamists supported by Iran.

      It’s a big political game of poker.

  66. khodar says:

    allah syria bashar o basss

  67. khodar says:

    lets go bashar al asad and all the Syrian people if we stick together we can kill all the dogs from israel and America. Fuck Obama and everyone that likes obama

  68. Bahram says:

    I wish President Assad and the Syrians all the best. I hope Russia and Iran will contribute with forces if the criminal israel, usa, germany, france, england and not to forget the saudi and others will attack Syria. I know that if you, Syrian, keep together and not let you foil with threats from the west and there allies and not let you to be bought to sell your own brothers Syria will overcome the criminal act against you. One stik kan be brokken but many stiks kan not be broken.
    Best regards Bahram

  69. Rita says:

    God will make all those against Bashar Al Asad pay with their blood, they will get what is coming to them… Syria was the only Arab nation where everyone had religious freedom, especially Christians and other Muslim minorities. Bashar is one of the few good leaders in the world. Long live Syria and long live Bashar <3

  70. 1234567 says:


  71. Folake says:

    Hello I was wondering if there any groups in London that are pro Al Assad.. I would like to get in contact with them. Thank you for your help.

  72. Final Victory says:

    Keep up the work Assad. Destroy these terrorist fanatics so you can focus on the true enemy which is the Israeli Zionist regime.

  73. Chris Scott-Barrett says:

    What a great leader. The wonderful British-trained eye-surgeon has stunned us all with his imaginative response to the crisis in Syria. He will last longer than all those Hollandes, Obamas and Camerons. With the help of his trusted Iranian allies (and his lovely British wife), the terrorists will be defeated and Syria wil return once more to its status of haven of democracy.

  74. DMZ says:

    New Radicals – You Get What You Give – don’t let anyone boss you around…that is rude…;)

  75. Soldier of Fortunes says:

    Did you hear? Assad has a half-sister in the US? Hand prints are identical, and there is a HUGE trust account that started out as 100 million in 1966…so now with the investments made in oil and media…that return will be HUGE as well…and the USA does not want to give up those investments… but for Syria and Assad they can take security in knowing the sister is a law student and is planning REAL soon to take the matter before federal courts in Washington DC…
    The DNA tests will reveal the USA and England’s lies and crucifying the child in the name of money…cannot be something you are not…so anyways…if Assad wants a shot in the arm and a boost and may be some R & R while trying to calm the storms coming…call his sister!
    Consequently due to the “programme to fail” incidents and violence’s she witnessed at age 11,
    she brought down the Catholic Church when Alaskan Governor Frank Murkowksi reversed the Statute of Limitations in Alaska in 2003…then it went nationwide then global…she is not one to mess with in those terms – otherwise she is fun to be around but strict and Middle East for sure!
    Some of her habits are flavored with it…and they hate it…I told her you are not running a popularity contest dear…so there you go…pass it on to Assad…he does have a sister who will not back stab him…and has seen evil in so many forms – she can tell by looking at you if you are good or a bad person…

    • Lawman says:

      Kingdom of Heaven…Epitafio…Luis Delgado…and “I am not like those men” Saladin

    • Lawman says:

      The United Nations – Office of Legal Affairs has been notified…so here we go…

    • Ace says:

      coming sooner than one knows…when that DNA is entered into the databases…ouch…
      between the USA and UK they will have to cough up about 10 trillion each to settle it…
      or they can face a lifetime of appearances in the United Nations courts…take your pick!
      in the meantime, Assad’s Ace in the North is so organized – one phone call sets off a global storm of incoming to Syria…whistle…hey you go incoming…lol…I’m outa here..;0)

    • Saladin says:

      correction boo boo…100 billion…so that makes the balance due HUGE…lol…all fall down!

      • Lol... says:

        no correction after legal fees boo boo – let’s see 10 trillion in damages for USA and UK…
        one should not be dirty in business or politics…some stains just never come out…lol…

    • Randi says:


  76. hala G.D says:

    may GOD PROTECT SYRIA AND OUR PRESIDENT …may god bless him ..



  78. Ivanov says:

    Long Live President Bashar Al Assad
    Long Live People Syria
    Long Live Syria

  79. alan says:

    the west are vile with there bullshit and lies. stand strong mr assad

  80. Verginia Kabirian says:


  81. Nathalie says:

    Long Live President Bashar AL Assad !! Long Live Syria <3

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