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A Chechen terrorist Sayfullakh Shishani,a commander in al Nusra, led the attack on al Kindi hospital..He will be killed by the SAA during the battles in Aleppo central prison.

Al-Kindi before the war was the best clinic in the Middle East. Here assisted patients from Syria and Lebanon. Defenders of the hospital became a legend. The bandits surrounded al-Kindi and Syrian Army was besieged about a year. History knows many legends. Defenders of al-Kindi became a modern legend of Syria.In 2013 Aleppo was in critical condition. In December the terrorists took the hospital only after the explosion of several suicide bombers in trucks with a huge amount of explosives. In 2016 during the offensive of the Syrian army and militia Liwa al-Quds were able to regain control of Handarat and al-Kindi.


The original film from 2013 below was taken off so we have found a new one.

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