3 thoughts on “US risks war with China and Russia – World War III”

  1. Like realy now ,another war whats the matter over there evry one fighting amoncts each other like a bad desease,is some one making others fight againts each other,is this what USA wants,or is it just the way of life over there,i just dont understand,people come to Canada and they are great folks ,but are forced to pertect there Familys and this is why they come here,i dont blame them,but now you all have weapons its like an addiction kill kill kill,why,there is no Exscuse for that behaveir especialy in A place Jesus is from ,god would be ashamed of you all that pick up a weapon,thy shall not kill


  2. lino bonnichi said:

    so any moving from united states of america or its allies against syria was led to middle eastern war. and russia & china will be not stay out or this conflict, and added israel & usa & nato .


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