BBC – Caught for their Lies

The video below was taken last year but was then removed from You Tube, but has now been recently uploaded by someone again. The first video shows Alyse Doucet, speaking to the real people  in Syria and being told that the country supports President Bashar Al Assad. She gives the excuse that it is her first time in Syria.

Since this video the BBC are constantly lying about Syria with Doucet  constantly speaking to only terrorists, when she has already been told by the average Syrians, that these people are lying.

BBC’s number one correspondent is terrorist Danny Abdul Dayem British born mercenary, fighting in Syria (or maybe not) feeding the media with lies.

In the film below you will see Danny the Terrorist with the same reporter who knows the truth about what is happening in Syria. Look at here face as she is sitting there along side Danny the terrorist. She knows he is a terrorist and is lying and cannot do anything about it. Why?

Sorry the sound is not very loud, but Danny is saying he is back in London to spread the word and ask for support for the terrorists and is returning to Syria soon.

Now take a look at the video of what the real Syrian people think. This Syrian Girl speaks the truth and the same view of the Syrian people.

23 thoughts on “BBC – Caught for their Lies”

  1. I had seen that video. I thought that there is at least one mainstream reporter willing to tell the truth or perhaps BBC is allowing a semblance of honesty. I guess I was wrong.


  2. Any Unionists out there that can defend the BBC after this has balls. #LONDONCALLING : …


  3. BBC are like a Big Brother mafia organisation. They HATE the British and treat us like idiots. They use political correctness to gag people. Before the referendum and after they were biassed. Even when I don’t know anything about a situation I can immediately spot the BBC are lying. It’s insulting. It doesn’t take a genius to see how they twisted Syria situation and demonised Assad. I am constantly trying to find out who is behind them considering they used to be supreme. Not any more!


  4. Al (not associated with\party to\consenting to\allowing anything or anyone anywhere at any time for any purpose) said:

    Notice to one and all:

    Governments are not sovereign. They are fictional corporations for fraud, profit, harm, war, and genocide, etc.
    They have no lawful rights over free people who live within God’s standards of peace. People have been brainwashed into believing they exist in reality, and that they have to exchange their lawful rights for the benefit privileges the government offers in return for giving up our rights. When people consent and accept their unwanted and unlawful fictional codes, offers, commercial papers, curses, spells, jurisdiction, procedures, etc., then they lose their rights and liberty and then the codes of the fictional government society apply. Benefits include things like roads, education, armed police forces (military occupation), admiralty\piracy court system, traffic tickets, licenses, prison and prisoner bonds for profit, death penalties, etc… whatever they create\invent within their private society for society members, ie: those who beg them for permission to do those things they already had the God-given natural right to do in the first place, such as travel, live\operate free, etc., without burdens.
    The fictional fraudulent corporate government has no more real authority over free people than any other fictional corporation does, unless you agree\consent and accept that it does. There is no lawful contract without lawful consent, etc., and with no lawful contract there is no liability, and with no lawful liability there is no subject matter jurisdiction, and without that it is a fraud, and frauds have no lawful standing, force, or effect.
    There is a lot more to it, but since the majority of people are suffering from the purposely-created brainwashing (by many individuals and groups\organizations) and resulting Stockholm syndrome and are acting as if they are members of the fictional and fraudulent private corporate society, it will be difficult if not impossible for them to see the truth and be set free by it.
    Try listening to guys like Winston Shrout, you might actually learn something of real value – that is if you want to know the truth and be set free by it so you can live outside of the harmful fictional world that was and is created to destroy you and the world. Being a victim (slave, sacrifice, chattel, goods, merchandise, target, estate\property they control\own, etc.) or being free are your two choices… now go ahead and chose your future.


  5. They don’t only lie about this …I think they lie about everything!!! I just cought them lying about my country, my hometown, protecting gypsies!


  6. I have just watched bbc world news and the loathsome Kerry imitating Hitler in all his glory.Have the bbc newsreaders no shame that they have been distorting the truth about Libya and Syria for over two years.Who directs the bbc the toad Hague another liar of the first degree.BBC newsreaders come outside your den of lies and read all the sites condemming the US including RTV Syrian free press which has news readers telling the truth in the face of death threats not worrying about who pays the monkeys wages.


  7. The BBC are a complete disgrace and I think most right-minded people see through their blatant propaganda. Good luck to all of you and God bless.


  8. of course it’s a hidden agenda…and a hidden account that USA does not want to be released to the “birthright owner” who might be related to Assad…ouch…yeah they are gonna play games…


  9. TheRealLiars said:

    Stop supporting genocide you cunts.


  10. The Video is still available as a part of my 2 films here: They also address the media lies about Egypt and Libya.


  11. robert carter said:

    this world is comming to the end


  12. watcher said:

    BBC is known for its illicit propaganda, utter BS and bizzare world view along with its zionists infested news rooms like the news editor known as yonteb or something; sounds like a name taken from a tell-aviv phone book. They don’t call it Bull*it Broadcast Corporation for no reason.


  13. God is watching.


    • Dont start this God is watching crap. God isn’t going to do anything it’s an imaginary character in your head.

      The world is as it is because too many like you are sitting back waiting for the fairies to come. Makes me fucking sick.


  14. Great post John, especially since she works for Tavistock/CFR. I can add this info to my blog and YouTube channel, where I’ve posted the video. Your info adds weight to proof of a hidden agenda.


  15. Great post John, especially since she works for Tavistock/CFR. I can add this info to my blog and YouTube channel, where I’ve posted the video. Your info adds weight to proof of a hidden agenda.


  16. John Milton said:

    The BBC reporter is Canadian Lyse Doucet. She is a major player in Chatham House which is a British NGO that is a propaganda tool of the British Establishment. She has been behind directing most of the ‘arab spring’ coverage from Libya to Egypt. When she claims to know nothing about the lies told previously she is dishonest. She is not only a purveyor of the lies but she is an architect of the entire ediface of lies.


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