The Facts About This Site

The facts that you might not know about this site:

  • We are from the West and have nothing at all to do with Syria.
  • All stories posted on this site come from the Syrian people who are not getting the voice to get the truth out, on what is happening in their country.
  • We are fighting for the truth against the Western Media lies, which are propaganda for war by NATO.
  • This site is viewed by over 150 countries around the world including the Vatican City.
  • The largest viewers are not from the middle east in fact they are very low on the list.
  • The No 1 viewers come from the USA; more than double a day than the second country.
  • Since the end of February 2012 the statistics are as follows: (figures as of 9th Oct 2012)
  1. USA – 42,831
  2. United Kingdom – 22,385
  3. Australia – 13,766
  4. Canada – 11,510
  5. Germany – 8,706
  6. France – 5,028
  7. Netherlands – 4,274
  8. Sweden – 4,099
  9. Turkey – 3,663
  10. Spain – 2,598
  11. Syrian Arab Republic – 2,357
  12. United Arab Emirates – 2,241
  13. Brazil – 2,203
  14. Italy – 2,189
  15. Slovakia – 2,148
  16. Greece – 2,094
  17. Portugal – 1,990
  18. Belgium – 1,951
  19. Norway – 1,869
  20. Denmark – 1,662
  21. Malaysia – 1,624
  22. New Zealand – 1,598
  23. India – 1,596
  24. Ireland – 1,240
  25. Thailand – 1,113
  26. Israel – 1,091
  27. Austria – 1,082
  28. Switzerland – 1,057
  29. Romania – 1,021
  30. Poland – 977
  31. Indonesia – 963
  32. Republic of Korea – 961
  33. Serbia – 953
  34. Croatia – 895
  35. Czech Republic – 868
  36. Lebanon – 822
  37. Saudi Arabia – 754
  38. Bulgaria – 748
  39. Russian Federation – 705
  40. Finland – 692
  41. Mexico – 659
  42. Japan – 643
  43. Jordan – 636
  44. Pakistan – 602
  45. South Africa – 524
  46. Bosnia & Herzegovina – 427
  47. Albania – 426
  48. Singapore – 425
  49. Egypt – 409
  50. Columbia – 392

The lists goes on to most countries in the world in the Americas Africa and Asia. To the most remote islands that you not even of heard of. We are not in the millions yet, but we like to know we are making a little bit of difference and gain more viewers daily, slowly but surely.

Some people have thought that this site has been made by the Syrian Government, but nothing can be further from the truth. This site is the truth and fighting for the truth against propaganda lies. All on a voluntary basis, because it seems the media are paid for their lies and the truth costs nothing.

28 Responses to The Facts About This Site

  1. Tom says:

    #USAbelike: oooh they have a better welfare, lets poke them with our MURICA DEMOCRAZY STICK

  2. Jack Miller says:

    How do I make contact with Syrian organisations

  3. Michael says:

    Fuck all you zionist supporters who doubt a single word that has been placed on this website. You all have blood on your dirty hand… may you and your masters burn in hell.

  4. Hey man,
    I posted a vid explaining why Kerry/ the US want to get rid of Assad. A lot of people don’t read so I think a vid like this adds to spreading the truth. Maybe you could post it? Thank you.

  5. hannah says:

    hello owner of this site. i am desperately looking for syrians to interview about the early stages of the conflict in 2011 and what really happened. can you please put me in touch with anyone? thank you.

    • What country do you come from? I will ask the Syrians for you. We have on this site what was happening in Syria early in 2011. Being in Syria at that time, what was happening in Syria and what the media were saying, were two very different stories. That was why this blog was formed.Let me know your details and I will ask if anyone will speak to you.

  6. Duncan says:

    Sorry, but for this site to be even vaguely credible as a source for the “Syrian people who are not getting the voice to get the truth out, on what is happening in their country” you need to fully explain who you are, what your source of financing is, and what your interest is in Syria. Without such explanation I can clearly see why your site stands accused of propaganda for the regime. I would goes as far as to hazard a guess that you are probably a Syrian expat who happens also to be a regime loyalist.

    • Then you would be totally wrong.

      • Charissa Gregory says:

        Women’s Rights Advocate, you can’t possibly expect to convince American viewers to empathize with your views or take your website seriously if you’re insulting them in the process. Word of advice: if you have a message, show your audience respect; otherwise you will lose your listeners and are wasting your time.

    • yuri Hate you says:

      Duncan your a loser,Charissa Gregory fuck off,”empathize with your views”show your audience respect”you just show up and think your opinion matter’s!Get a life,Please!

    • yuri Worthless Me says:

      Bring some thing new to the table,your old stale bread is not very appetizing,lets be clear about this,LONG LIVE SYRIA LONG LIVE THE SAA LONG LIVE ASSAD!um anything else!

  7. Paul says:

    Your “ABOUT” page is an advertisement for yourself without any solid verification of truth in what you post. Your explanation that you heard it from a Syrian means as much as if you had said you heard it from an Incan on a Sun Calendar. Your sources are not any better than anyone else’s. In fact, your sources have many more reasons to skew the “news” and use you and your site as a place to spread propaganda. From what you offer as evidence of you being unbiased, I cannot blindly believe you. Just because you say it, or just because you say someone there said it, doesn’t make it truth, fact, and accurate history. Telling me how many viewers you have worldwide means nothing for your credibility. In the USA, there are a lot of Tea Party people, but they are wrong as sin, so listing the numbers of your followers is not a reflection of your credibility.

  8. John (UK Business Man in Qatar) says:

    Regardless of the mixed Rhetoric from the various opinions on propoganda and potential biases for one side or the other, the fact remains that Assad is a Dictator and War Criminal who has not been brought to Justice. You cannot dress this fact up or down with any kind of media display no matter who it comes from as the facts are the facts. Its time to stop talking and “walk the walk” as they say and bring this Monster and his regime to Justice. The Syrian people deserve support and protection from this tyrant before the situation becomes mass genocide. The Arab League, UN and Friends of Syria need to Stop Talking and Act Accordingly as this is a mass travesty of Justice. We cannot sit by as human beings and watch this display of terror go undetected, unpunished and unresolved by The International Community any longer. Its now time to ACT!!!

    • yuri WW3? says:

      you might have got your wish turd!

    • Pzmeyer says:

      Yes, it’s time to act against terrorism. And not like American against illusion in Irak or Afghanistan, but against the real terrorism that we can see every day in Syria.

      It’s not the president Bachar al Assad that kill the Syiran, it’s the terrorists sponsered by Soudi Arabia, UK, France, USA, and… Qatar (where you make business). Qatar had already by a sponsor for the terrorists in Lybia, and we can see now the result.

      You’re speaking about Arab League, UN and Friends of Syria. Let’s to be clear and right: Arab league is under control of Saudi Arabia, UN is kind of pupet of USA since 20 years, and Friends of Syria are the guys that cut heads everyday with axes and chainsaw in Syria! Not so much people and organizations that want help syrian people…

      If there is a country we should to act against, to erase, and bring all its leaders to an “International Tribunal”, it is the leaders of Qatar and Saudi Arabia (I even not speak about political men from USA and Europe, we know who they are and how much they are corrupted). The Monsters are all those guys from the CIA, and european secret services that train, organize, give equipments and weapons to the Al Nosra Front (for exemple)! I have a friend who is a journalist and went in Syria – in the “rebels” side – and he told me how much those “rebels” are crazy, under drugs, and kill everyone and everybody in the most horrific ways. Few of them were Syrian by the way, the main were Lybian, Tunisian, Qatari, Saudi, Jordanian, and from other countries (even some french arabs). So, before to shout that Assad is a Dictator and a criminal, please go by yourself to speak with syrian people from the street, and after have a trip with those “rebels” and see by yourself how “good” they are and who are the real criminals…

      • Robert Leftwich says:

        Yes it is clear these foreign Sunni Jihadists who have invaded Syria are nothing but trigger happy, mad murdering dogs. Assad is bad news but these medieval barbarians are from the dark ages and far worse. They make Assad look like a boy scout. Murders, rapists and sadists with a blood lust. Unfortunately many are from Europe and Western countries, a pox on them all.

        They claim to kill in the name of God but actually enjoy murder, rape, sodomy and torture and lording it over the locals.
        The evidence is very plain. The only cure for a mad dog is for it to be put down.
        Let the good people of Syria solve their own issues, without the intervention of outsiders who are only there to pursue their own selfish agendas and increase the suffering of the ordinary people of Syria.
        Do us all a favor and go home.

  9. The matter is simple. Asad is an Alawite, the majority of the population is Sunni. the father of Assad overthrew the previous Sunni leader. What gives an Alawite whose followers make up around 10% of the population, and who do not have the same beliefs as the majority sunni Muslims, to rule over them? Why does not Assad leave peacefully and hand rule over peacefully to a peaceful Sunni , a Sunni who will protect the rights of minorities such as teh aalwites as did our Sunni Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the first 4 rightly guided caliphs and those who came after them may Allah be pleased with them all. The matter is simple. Please leave peacefully Assad, if you do care for the people of Syria who desire to be ruled by their own Sunni leaders. They do not have to be ‘terrorists’a s you label some of them (today a terrorist is according to ones own beliefs and views,) but rather Sunni leaders who do not want to kill the Alawites but will rule fairly over them. What do you say Assad, I would be one of those outsiders who would peacefully assist in your peaceful exit and a peaceful leader coming to rule. Please do send me a letter if you are desirous of peace for the people of Syria. By Allah I swear it will happen and I will help to ensure it happens. Hafez Abu Zakariya

    • ojprice says:

      What an extraordinarily prejudiced statement. This is one of the problems with the Middle East. When are you going to realise that ethnicity and religious belief should have absolutely no bearing on politics? Once this is realised maybe the Arab states will be able to unite against their real enemy which is United States economic occupation and their chief proxy agent and 51state in the Middle East, Israel.


      Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was not the same Sunni ideology as you follow. You follow zionism not any religious following of Islam and zionism is what your “Sunni government” will bring to Syria.





      • Robert Leftwich says:

        Well said. You are right,, the evidence of the behavior of the invaders speaks for itself.

  10. jonesy says:

    I applaud the voluntary efforts of everyone involved in this site. If indeed the Western media is so biased on this issue, and clearly so ignorant of the view of most Syrian people, why does Assad forbid Western journalists to enter Syria?

    • Western journalists are not forbidden to enter legally. Most western journalists prefer to enter illegally, helped by the terrorists to give the one sided view. BBC were in Syria recently but they still seek out the terrorists to interview instead of speaking to the Syrian People. Who has been there to interview all the Palestinians who have been displaced from their homes in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp. Nobody cares about them. They would rather let the world think they are still in the camp, (which is now infested by terrorist) so that when Assad bombs them, the lying media will say that Assad is killing Palestinians.

  11. Kieran says:

    As a British citizen and a proud ex-British Soldier, i am disgusted at our Country’s involvements in Syria’s affairs. Our Government told lies to invade Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan and now it seems likely, Syria. We must support Syria’s right to administer her own affairs without foreign involvement. The BBC are the British Governments lie machine and i hope Syria bans it from entering her borders. Long Live President Assad

  12. quincy says:

    This site does all of humanity a great service I just wish the average person in the street wakes up and actually give a damn about the death and destruction their government is bringing upon the good people of Syria! The west is supporting terrorism full stop ask your government why!

  13. Ali says:

    Thank you for defending and giving us the truth with real evidence.

  14. Suleyman says:

    It would be interesting to know the number of viewers for each country beside the order of the countries.
    Thank you for a great job!

    • ok I will add the numbers but remember this is only since the end of February and they go up every day. Some days strange countries topple US when there have been a lot of referrals like one day hundreds of Koreans viewed the site.

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