Heartbreaking True Stories from Syria 14th October 2012

The following video is my friend’s house in Bab AlHadeed…
FSA rats asked them 100 time to evacuate, but they did not consent because they knew that once they are out their house would turn to FSA shit holes, and be stolen…
3 days ago FSA rats told them that this is the last warning… and indeed 5 mortars were enough to cause all the destruction you see…
not only their house but also the whole area was shelled, more than 12 houses “Damascine houses” were destroyed…
his neighbor’s body was in the house yard while the head was on the roof, 2 stories above.
a pregnant woman (6months) was killed
a 14 years old kid was also killed…
this is only what he could make sure of… many more were also killed….
please spread it as much as you can…

when they got out of the area.. the Syrian Army saw his mother crying.. and they asked them what’s up.. one of the soldier kissed his mother’s hands and said “I promise you that I’ll make sure that you see their bodies in your house… and if I die, ask for the video… I promise you, I’ll video them for you…. ”

the amazing thing is that all what my friend had to say was “It’s good that my family is OK, we don’t care about the house.. we could rebuild it, the most important is that we see Aleppo and Syria well again”


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