Life in Syria 14/09/2012

Hello friends. After a very quiet night we woke up to the sound of an explosion which later turned out to be a mortar that hit a building and killed a woman and injured many more, I saw her son with blood all over him and he was crying. I’ve been hearing the damn mortars since yesterday along with gunshots. Then I saw some 500 of our brave republican guards for whom the people cheered and literally cried in happiness. Then some heavy armour rolled in right in front of my building. I spent the day downstairs talking to the security guys guarding our area they’re such a friendly bunch. Then I went on a field trip to check out the surroundings where I saw more troops. They captured some 14 bastards of which I only managed to see 4 they were hiding guns under watermelon. The troops gave the fruits to the people and we lined up to spit on the bastards. So now some 1500 troops with up to 10 heavy armored vehicles are heading to clean up Midan.

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