30th October 2012

hi everyone, sorry for my absence; but the thing is that I don’t have ADSL connection in my friend’s house ‘where I live nowadays, thanx for freedom’.

Aleppo today was on fire, or at least my area… heavy clashes from 11 am until this moment.. I and my parents have been in the corridor; not able to get in any room for fear of some explosion or a mortar… jets, anti-air machine-guns, tanks, mortars, doshkas.. everything your imagination may come up with has been used….
they are trying to get in air-force intelligence, some reovs sources says that it’s Jabhat Al-Nusra is the one responsible for the attack, and that they promised FSA rats to “FREE” it….

thankfully, the army still in absolute control, up to this moment, and let’s hope it continues…

thanx for everyone asking about me…
I’ll try my best to keep you up to date….

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