Trump’s US Troops Plan to Remain in Syria Illegally Against International Law


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US Troops to Remain in Syria After Daesh Defeat – Reports

The Washington Post Newspaper said that as ISIS continue to lose ground, the US administration fears that northern territories, where its troops have been training rebel forces, will fall to the Syrian government.

The United States plans to keep a military presence in Kurdish-dominated northern Syria after defeating Islamists to establish independent governance, US officials told a local newspaper on Wednesday. Speaking on condition of anonymity, US officials said that an open-ended US presence would help stabilise communities under a local government, after US Defence Secretary James Mattis said last week they would not walk away until conditions were created for a diplomatic solution.

Accordindg to US-based media reports, Maj. Gen. James Jarrard, head of the US special operations task force against Daesh said during a video briefing from Baghdad in October that nearly 4,000 US forces were on the ground in Syria. However, Jarrard has instantly corrected himself, stating there were only 503 US service members in Syria.