Pictures: Syrian Army captures enough anti-tank missiles from ISIS to wipe out entire tank battalion


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BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:40 P.M.) – Amid the seemingly never ending discovery of hidden ISIS arms caches throughout newly liberated territories, the Syrian Arab Army has once again hit the jackpot, this time finding several large stockpiles of anti-tank guided missiles – enough it appears, to wipe out an entire tank battalion.

In a recent discovery, Syrian army forces uncovered several stockpiles of anti-tank guided missiles and their attached launcher systems that were hidden in various villages along the western shore of the Euphrates between Al-Mayadeen and Abu Kamal.

In total, 30 anti-tank missiles and seven launchers – technically enough to wipe out a battalion of tanks – were found throughout the area and transferred to the army’s arsenal.

Most of the anti-tank guided missiles are of Soviet/ Russian design, including models such as the Metis, Fagot, Konkurs and Kornet. In addition to this, several US-built TOW models were also captured.

As mentioned earlier, the Syrian Arab Army has captured so much abandoned military equipment from ISIS over the last several months that it actually preparing to raise new brigades with it all.