Wake up America


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Americans – seriously – we need to grasp what a bunch of prostitutes and cowards control our Congress. This is from the brave Thomas Massie, Congressman from Kentucky. READ THIS.

“Does your Congressman know what’s hidden in a procedural vote on the Farm Bill today? Does he or she care?”

=====> “To avoid a vote and a debate on whether the US should be involved in a war in Yemen, our leadership will trick many members into suspending the provisions of the War Powers Act. This was placed inside a procedural resolution for the Farm Bill by the rules committee (aka “the Speaker’s committee”) late last night. Many members will vote for it today without even knowing.”<=====

“This is just one way that Washington DC is sadly broken. Please ask yourself, if these were honest brokers, why would they hide an issue, as important as War, inside a Farm Bill vote and do it late at night, just hours before the vote?”

~ Thomas Massie

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