US Special Forces to enter Syria Illegally on the Ground to give Support to ‘Moderate Terrorists’


John Kerry and Washington have announced today that they are sending fifty special forces to Syria to give support to the so called ‘Moderate Terrorists.’ Giving the excuse that they are there to help the coalition kill ISIS.

We have seen over the past  weeks that Russia has no problem wiping out ISIS, killing more in a few days, than the US has in over a year. This is more like sending in Americans to be used as sacrificial lambs, that will be used as human shields for the terrorists that Obama wants to protect. Even though there illegally, we will see the US blaming any of the deaths of these men on Russia and use it as an excuse to attack Russia.

The US ‘moderate terrorists’ are not in Syria to fight ISIS, they work alongside ISIS to overthrow the government.

Kerry is talking about ending the war with political negotiations, which just goes to show they are controlling ISIS, or how else are they planning to get ISIS to stop fighting?

It is also unbelievable, that even though they have been denying that Saudi Arabia has been denying that is involved in the war on Syria, at today’s meeting, they are putting forward names of the people to control Syria. Just by seeing the list of countries at today’s meeting, proves that these countries with the exception of Russia and Iran, are responsible for the war on Syria.

Notice the countries who are named as the players in the war on Syria, who are taking part at this meeting. Most of which have denied any involvement, even though they were all taking part in the so called ‘friends of syria’ meetings, where they planned how to overthrow the government.


Some are calling for Syria to be split up today, by religion, so making Syria non secular. In the one country that is more secular than any other, there are calls from the US which sounds more like it is coming from Al Qaeda. This would have President Bashar Al Assad living in one country and his wife living in another. This ridiculous plan is just one more stupid statement coming out of the US. No wonder the US has the reputations of being so stupid by the rest of the world.

They have been lying for so many years now and forgetting what they have said and making idiots of themselves.

Even though there were elections last year, which saw Dr. Bashar Al Assad win by a huge majority, the US want new elections organised by the UN, with an opposition decided by Saudi Arabia. What is more ridiculous is that the US are so sure that Assad would be defeated in any election. That would only happen if it is rigged by the UN, as no Syrian is going to vote for a party that has been killing them for more than 4 years.

The US are not going to give up, trying to turn Syria into another Iraq or Libya and the world is well aware of this fact.


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