Dr. Bashar Al-Assad wins the election by 95.1%

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The People’s Assembly announces the victory of Dr. #Bashar _ Hafez _ Al-Assad in the position of the Syrian Arab Republic for obtaining an absolute majority of the voters participating in the elections by 95,1 %.

Congratulations to him and to us this Arab leader who is confident of the will of his people, who believes in his Arabism, and who adhere to the values and principles of the Syrian state, and we have a tough and shamukh, congratulations to the

Syrian people on their choice and decision, and to Syria. And the lord of its ship to safety and security. What the people said is the truth and who the people were with them, and God is with them and the truth is with them. Syria lived a dear, strong and strong country and its people lived pain.

May God have mercy on the souls of our righteous martyrs, speedy recovery for our wounded and victory for our brave Syrian Arab army and our heroic people.

Damascus 27-05-2021