Kurdish Population Presents Plan to President Assad


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Kurdish Population Presents Plan to President Assad
TEHRAN (FNA)- A plan presented by the Kurdish groups is now on President Bashar al-Assad’s table, a source affiliated to an independent Kurdish group said, adding that the officials in Damascus will likely study the plan after the next week peace talks in Astana.

“The meetings held with the officials in Damascus under the supervision of Russia were positive and now our plans are on the president’s table and it is predicted that we will receive their response after the end of the Astana meetings,” Farid Sa’adoun said on Sunday.

“Our plans focuse on the possibility to find a roadmap to the political settlement of Kurdish issues through political talks between the two sides,” he added.

Kurdish sources disclosed last week that a set of intensive meetings have been held between the Kurdish commanders with the representatives of the Syrian government and Russian officials to boost mutual understanding between Damascus and Syrian Kurds.

The sources said that the meetings had been held in Damascus and Lattakia between the Russian officials, Syrian representatives and Kurdish commanders to explore new ways for further negotiations between the Kurds and Damascus government and meantime presenting new ideas to solve the problems of the Kurdish community.

The sources valued the meetings as positive and voiced optimism about the conclusion of an agreement between the Kurds and Damascus officials.

Informed sources disclosed earlier this month that Moscow was determined to exhaust all diplomatic channels to pave the ground for closer ties and reciprocal understating between Syrian Kurds and Damascus government.

In line with materialising the objectives of a recent meeting between Kurdish officials and the Russians, a delegation form the Kurdish parties was about to take part in negotiations with representative of the Syrian government in Humeimim airbase in Lattakia province, said the sources.