26th October 2012

hi hi there..
it’s me again.
I’m from Aleppo and live in Aleppo… I was displaced out of my house after FSA tried to get into my area. while trying to do so, they fired more than 30 mortars in less than 24 hours…. I and my family had to evacuate our house after one mortar hit less than 5 meters away from my house…

thanx for the Syrian Arab Army who secured the area and defended us against “CIA made Freedom Fighters” and I could get back into my house….

even though a truce was issued today, but FSA terrorists still attack military checkpoints and civilians areas… never to forget the explosion that took place in Damascus resulting in 5 martyrs and more than 35 injured, in Aleppo the terrorists are not abiding by the truce, but the Syrian Army is doing its national patriotic duty in defending the Syrian land and people.

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