Syrian People Support President Assad

Since the start of the war in Syria, the Syrian people have taken to the streets in support of their President. In 2014 they re-elected him in record numbers.

Yet CBS in the US are still publishing FAKE news about Syria.

Despite this the US/UK still spread the lies that the Assad has been killing his own people. The only ones that are killed are the terrorists that have been killing Syrians since 2011.

To this day the US is still supporting the terrorists by spreading their lies. Anyone who spreads the US narrative that Assad is killing his own people is in fact a terrorist. Real Syrians would never say such a thing.

We show you the following videos that show how Syrians are proud of their country and their President.

Notice the dates on these videos and remember what the MSM were telling you at that time. The truth will come out and the liars will be punished for their crimes against humanity.