Syria, “US-trained terrorists”: the Moscow complaint


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Syria isis

Damascus, Dec. 16 – A refugee camp as a cover to train Al-Nusra jihadists and former ISIS militiamen and place them among the ranks of the “New Syrian Army”. Russia, reported by the Center for Reconciliation in Syria, accuses the United States of supporting the initiative , thus forcing a new offensive against the Damascus army by proxy.

The camp is located in Hasakah, in the northeast of the country: “According to the refugees returning home the international coalition has been using the camp for over six months as a training center for militiamen arriving from various districts. Most were members of the terrorist groups defeated by Syrian government forces : Isis and Jabat al-Nusra, “explains the Russian Defense Ministry. According to sources in Moscow, in the camp they still have “around 750 militiamen, arrived from Raqqa, Deir ez-Zour, Abu Kamal and the eastern areas of the Euphrates”. Over half of them would be former ISIS members.

According to the testimonies gathered, the training camp would be “operational for a year and a half, with terrorists or former terrorists from different parts of Syria”, underlines the Centre for Reconciliation, denouncing the attempt to set up a new “recycled” training, which would take the name of “New Syrian Army” , to be located in southern Syria (near the border of Jordan allied with the US) with the aim of continuing the war against Assad.


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