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A photo from the Ras al-Ayn area of Al-Hasakah Governate (Province) in the North of Syria, shows a Jabhat al-Nusra fighter with a device identical to one flaunted as a chemical weapon device which was allegedly deployed by Syrian forces.

Last week, we wrote a lengthy article which suggested that if chemical weapons were to be used in Syria, it would likely be by Al-Qaeda and its aliases. This conclusion is based on the organisations apparent fascination with “spectacular” attacks which involve large scale casualties or death as well as it’s eagerness to “cleanse” Syria of  what it views as deviants from Islam. Additionally, the discoveries such as a roadside bomb in Iraq containing sarin and a raid on a location used for training Al-Qaeda militants, prompted the CIA to publish a details on the organisation’s chemical and biological weapons program. There have been other attacks by Al-Qaeda which included chemical agents as part of attacks.

On April 13th, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights“ reported an incident in the Sheikh Maqsoud district of Aleppo which was widely reported as an attack by the government, using a helicopter to deploy chemical weapons:

“Aleppo province: Two children aged 1 and 2 years old were martyred and a woman was killed by wounds. They were killed by 2 bombs dropped by a military helicopter on their house in the al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood, based on activists from the neighbourhood. The casualties’ neighbours reported to the Syrian Observatory that they heard a helicopter at dawn and later heard two explosions, after heading to the house they found some of the residents unconscious and others killed. 16 were wounded by poisonous gases and were transported to the A’frin city, medical sources reported that those injured suffered hallucinations, severe vomiting, nose bleeding and eye burning, one of which lost eye sight. The Syrian Observatory calls upon the United Nations and the Red Cross to immediately send committees for treating the injuries and discovering the nature of the gases, that has been reportedly used in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is an anti-government organisation operated by an individual living in Coventry, Britain.

The scene in Aleppo was photographed showing an unusual device. Syria Report suggested the evidence was suspect, perhaps even staged. This was based on the device being unrecognizable as a typical chemical weapons associated device.

The following photos show the device, which was flaunted as evidence of a chemical weapons attack carried out by the Syrian army.

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