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Warning: This article contains graphic footage.

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:19 P.M.) – A video has been released on social media of jihadist militants in Hama showing discontent that a captured Syrian soldier was shot to death, rather than being beheaded.

Before the soldier is shot to death, jihadist militants can be heard taunting the soldier and suggesting to fellow fighters that he be beheaded.

After the shooting, some jihadist begin to question why he was not beheaded instead.

Terrorist in vid were saying they wanted to Behead this Soldier – Someone shoots him prematurely

Meanwhile, another two Syrian soldiers were captured by militants in the northern Hama countryside.

During the video interrogation, the Turkey-backed militants ask whether the fighters are Alawite, before making chants that “God is Great” in Arabic.

Sectarian Turkey-backed jihadists capture 2 SAA soldiers in North Hama. Jihadists then ask “Are you Alawite?” & continue beating prisoners