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Many of us go through life searching for our purpose, for something that we are passionate about. After years of searching finally I stumbled upon mine a few years ago. Having the world hear Syrians telling their side of the story while living through this imposed war is what ignited that fire in me. As a Syrian American that was born in Syria and lived in both countries my entire life, I feel a strong link to my heritage, my birth country, my culture, my language, my customs, my nationality, and my history.

We have been bombarded with lies and propaganda in mainstream and social media that have fueled this 6 year war. Tomorrow marks the 6 year anniversary of this war which was planned as early as 1949 by the US.  The CIA admits orchestrating Syrian Coup of March 1949 HERE.  This was just the first attempt of many to destabilize Syria by the USA.

I want to give Syrians in Syria a voice here in the West. I am honored and delighted to have been contacted by many Syrians that want me to share their stories. I hope you will learn more about the war through their experiences and help spread the truth about what has really been going on for 6 years.

Here is an example of how so called “activists” have been reporting lies to feed this media campaign meant to demonize the Syrian government. In this video Abu Mazen (which means the father of Mazen) reports that the “regime” destroyed this church in Harasta. Another baseless claim where information has been drastically distorted to demonize the Syrian government.


In this article which is a look at the Christian Genocide currently taking place in Syria by the various armed terrorist groups we speak with Yasmine. She is one of the Syrians that are part of a series that will take us on a journey to discover the truth during the war “Syrians Speak Out”.

Yasmine is an engineer who then went on to get her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and resides in Damascus the oldest city to be continuously inhabited in the world and was established in 9000 B.C! Yasmine is Aramean Syriac Orthodox originally from Al Qamishly in the North East of Syria but grew up in Damascus. Damascus is nicknamed the City of Jasmine (Yasmin in Arabic). Yasmine contacted me on Facebook recently after reading my articles and posts. We discussed the situation there and her frustration with the lies being reported. I asked if she would want to tell her story, she eagerly agreed. Shortly after our talk her Facebook account was blocked and she hasn’t been able to come back on Facebook since then. Also, oddly enough only my messages are visible from our conversation.

A few days ago her friend reached out to me and asked for my email and she sent me “Memoir of a Syrian girl” detailing her experience living in Damascus before and during the war. I will be putting that in a separate article. I asked her as a Christian in Syria if she would be willing to answer some questions and she agreed. The questions were created by Mark Taliano a retired teacher who contributes to publications and visited Syria last year. Mark is also passionate about spreading the truth about Syria and we have worked on previous articles for Global Research. He wrote about his experience in Voices from Syria an e-book.

Yasmine’s answers have not been modified in any way to maintain their authenticity. What a pleasure it is to hear from real people who are not paid to spread propaganda like Lina AlShamy, Bana Alabed, Bilal Abdul Kareem which I wrote about in an article which can be viewed HERE.

Interview with Yasmine regarding the Christian genocide in Syria: 

When the West’s terrorist proxies slaughter and commit genocide against the indigenous Christian population, as they did, for example, in Kessab, Syria, are they attempting to “erase history”?

Answer: Erase history and Orthodox Christianity

When Western terrorists occupy towns like Maloula, Syria, and destroy Christian religious icons is this an attempt to erase history?

Answer: In my opinion it is not a coincidence that they target historical places, because for example when i look at ISIS destroying ancient ruins using electric tools, it looks for sure as if it is a task assigned to them, not just a hateful act.

When the Western terrorists target Muslim and/or Christian communities, are they, or their Imperial masters, attempting to destroy the country by creating sectarian warfare?

Answer: If you go back to the Condaleeza Rice days, when she said this is the labour for the new ME, and she said something about the new ME, you will be sure that this is just part 2 of the plan which failed in 2003. They published the road map, where it showed the ME as small sectarian countries. A country for each religion except there was no country for Christians, and this is clear if you connect it to the fact that Sarkozy said to a Lebanese priest just send all the Christians in the ME to EU.

Are the imperialists attempting to create warring ethnic and/or religious enclaves?

Answer: the imperialists want t destroy the ME and destabilise it like they did in Afghanistan which was as modern and secular as Syria. They use religion as excuse especially the idea of Jihad. I believe they created the jihad just to use it for their will. Evidence is KSA they have no human rights, suppressed and no one says a word.

Are the Empire’s divide and conquer strategies in Syria working, or does most of the Syrian population remain unified?

Answer: Syrians who are aware of the plan are well educated and unified, but you have some who lost family member, or those sympathising with radical Muslims, those hate the regime, and hate all those who are pro Regime.

Whereas the West and its proxies support the dogma of the House Of Saud and Wahhabism, they are condemning Christians to death and genocide. If populations in Canada, for example, were aware of this, would they accept the truth? Would they act on it by contacting their churches and their political representatives?

Answer: Well from what i saw on the internet, it seems they just started getting awareness, they are sympathizing with us, but are they going to act? Are they capable of doing a thing? I cannot judge, i know they are good unlike their governments.

After six years of government change/dirty war against Syria, is ignorance of the truth still a viable excuse?

Answer: It should not be, but the problem there are people who live in Syria, and still cannot see the facts, they still accuse the regime of being cruel, so before blaming other countries for ignorance, we should first deal with our ignorant.

When the West closed embassies and blocked diplomatic channels in Syria, were they doing this with a view to hiding their crimes?

Answer: They were doing that to put more pressure on Syrians, so they in turn put pressure on Assad to leave.  They did not just close embassies, they put sanctions on us, they were escalating and threatening, we saw the game, we were watching, it is scary, how we always refused the conspiracy theory, but now all the events take you to the same direction, namely elites want to control the world, hidden resources in our areas below Assyrian ruins in Syria and Iraq, fuel and gas and the historic stories about the Jews who were treated badly by Assyrians, and Jews want their revenge till or days. There is a story about the 1967 war between Syria and Israel, where Israel managed to arrest few of the Syrian fighters.

When they knew that one of them is Assyrian they put him in an individual cell, and torturing him in different ways, and kept saying to him, this one is for Sargon, and this one for Nabukhadnassar. Another thing I heard is they called the pipeline Nabucco as a small for Nabukhadnassar just to insult him, if you ask me how is that related to the topic, I will tell you Erdogan who is a brotherhood Muslim is in charge of it together with the Jews. It is something like that, all Zionists want this pipeline, and all of them have same ideology, they are all Masonic or related to them.

To what degree are the West’s lies about Syria a danger to Christians living in Syria?

Answer: Our public enemy number one are the west, you know the genocides of TURKEY against us were under direct supervision of EU coalition in the past, so they are our enemies.
When mercenaries came to Syria during Turkish occupation, they pledged not to approach a single Muslim, they wanted to convert Christians from Orthodox to Catholic, in doing so they weaken our church.

If the West were to succeed in installing an al Qaeda/ISIS stooge government in Syria, would Christians be completely cleansed from Syria?

Answer: The plan will succeed and no single Christian will stay, they either die, convert to Islam or escape.

Yasmine adds:  I wanted to add something for the questions, for now we are all sure that explosions in Qamishli are done by Kurds, they want to take over the area and I think it is strange that the government didn’t consider to protect Christians.


My concluding remarks, the war in Syria needs to end before we see a complete cleansing of the indigenous people of this historically rich country. This is something that all of us should be very concerned with regardless of our religions before it is too late. This genocide needs to end now.

Yasmine is an alias we will be using for the interviewee to protect her identity.

I’m a Syrian American: MENA independent, investigative, political commentator and writer. I have contributed to Global Research, Shababeek as well as other publications and radio shows.


Facebook: Sarah Abed 

Website: The Rabbit Hole