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Any US attempt to depose Bashar al-Assad will be opposed by Syria’s best troops hardened by years of constant battle.
republican guard syria

Launching missile salvos from warships hundreds of kilometers away from any danger is one thing, but if Donald Trump’s newly resurgent pro-regime change advisors really want to get rid of Assad, they will probably have to commit ground forces to do it.

For six years, none of the disparate western-backed Islamist militias, including ISIS, has been able to defeat the Syrian government, which is supported by Russian air forces and Iranian ground troops.

That resiliency of the Syrian Arab Army has been based in no small part on its most elite formations, the units of President Bashar al-Assad’s Republican Guard.

Armed with the best equipment, including modernized T-72 tanks and AK-100 series rifles, and given the best training, units of the Republican Guard have played key roles in holding the capital Damascus and liberating Syria’s largest city of Aleppo.

Here’s a good presentation prepared by Southfront detailing the Republican Guard’s capabilities and performance: