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On closer inspection of the films that are flooding the internet of a chemical attack we have come to the conclusion these films are fake. It is not sure if the terrorists have used Sarin on these children, but the film leaves more questions than answers, as we are seeing the same tell tell signs that we have seen in the past and the lengths the terrorists will go to make these films.

Look carefully at this film and if any of you are doctors out there, we would love your input. It might be interesting to note that the only time you see a real hospital shown on western media, is when there is a car bomb. Syrian people get taken to a regular hospital by ambulance. If you search on Youtube, you will find that every terrorist video is set in a field hospital. These field hospitals seem to pop up over night just for the terrorists to use. We have actually seen in the past, a fake film of a bomb blast, where there was a field hospital in a shop a few metres away, where the so called injured were carried. Within minutes of the blast this shop was all set up with men in green operating gowns. There were no women in the film at all, just men. No ambulances, no sirens, no women screaming for loved ones as we see in the real films

Regular Syrian people go to a regular hospital and are usually accompanied to the hospital with their parents, if they are children. Mothers crying for their children and comforting them. Take a look carefully of the following film and see what you think.

  • Where did the attack Happen?
  • Where did the children come from?
  • Where are the Parents of the children?
  • Why are there no women in the film? There are plenty of nurses and female doctors in the real Syrian Hospitals.
  • Why are the children all placed on the floor?
  • Why are the children carried in by men have needles in their necks?
  • Why are all the boys undressed and the girls clothed?
  • Why do all the children look drugged?
  • Why are these men handling the children so badly, like they did in the Houla Massacre?
  • Why is one man pulling a boys nipples?
  • Why don’t they show the faces of the so called doctors?
  • Why is one man squeezing a child’s nose while another is pumping the heart?
  • Why do these people seem like they have no idea what they are doing?
  • Why is there no other story about this or where it happened except in these videos.
  • Why was this film uploaded onto the internet the day before it was said to have happened?

The US and western media are telling the world that the Assad Government have done this with no evidence except these films. The FSA’s one man band of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights is also telling this story. Where is it? Where are the bodies? They are only in these films.

This was Obama’s next step to fool the world that weapons of mass destruction have been used in Syria.

Now here is another fake film showing the dead children from the so called Gas Attack. This film is self explanatory.

Please leave your comments and let us know if you can find anymore mistakes in the films.

We would like to think that all of these children have only been drugged, but if Obama has really killed these children to try and discredit the Assad Government, then he is the most evil man the world has ever seen.