Crimes Against Humanity

Terrorists allowed into Australia under UN guidelines….the RRT is part of the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).

Some people questioned my statement that the Australian government has been complicit in allowing members of the Muslim Brotherhood to immigrate to Australia.

It’s been going on for years, as the link to the article below shows….The Australian newspaper reported on this, but the article has since “disappeared”….how convenient. But the government wasn’t able to stop it being published overseas….

This is not an isolated case. Now do you see what is going on at the highest (or is that the lowest?) levels of government?


Readers attention is drawn to RRT Reference: N95/09809, which was sent earlier this week.

In the case report, located at the link referenced below; it is stated that the Applicant was in the Phlipinnes and that he had worked for the IRIC.

According to the report from…

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