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The United States will continue to back the Saudi-led coalition waging war of aggression against the people of Yemen, American journalist and political analyst Stephen Lendman says. 

Media reported this week that the Saudi-led coalition waging war on Yemen had requested a cessation of joint military operations with US forces.

“The idea that the US will stop refueling Saudi warplanes is a bunch of baloney,” Lendman said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

Lendman told the Iranian broadcaster that despite the news the war in Yemen would be escalating to a new level.

“The war is not ending. It is escalating,” he said, adding, “The naked aggression on Yemen would continue.”

The author said that the war was being run by the Americans and the Saudi-led forces were proxies. “The US is actively engaged in the war. It is a US war, not a Saudi war. The Saudis and UAE are US proxies.”

Lendman said harming the Yemeni people was part of the strategy,” adding that, the whole aggression – “including not treating diseases, including starving them, including murdering them, including attacking residential neighborhood, hospitals, schools, mosques, agricultural land, market places” — was orchestrated by the US, the UK, and France.

Lendman said the three countries were the main arms suppliers to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Washington, London and Paris’ pursuit is weapons sales and perpetual war, Lendman said.