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Some try to liken the war on Syria to the war on Kosovo, but they are so totally opposite. President Assad did not kill his own people, as Western Governments would have you to believe, but they were killed in Kosovo, by the Serbian military.

What happened in Kosovo was more like what is happening in Palestine today. Before the war, houses burned down by Serbian soldiers and men taken from their homes and killed and women raped.

The reason you don’t hear of these horror stories, is because the Serbs would like you to believe that they are the victims and Kosovar terrorists attacked them. The truth is there were no Al Qaeda terrorists in Kosovo at that time and anyone that travels to Syria to fight with ISIS are jailed on return. Even those suspected as being terrorists are arrested. Even one we reported on, was locked up, when we published his name and a film showing him in Syria with Al Qaeda.

The US bombed Serbia which is of course against International law and should never have happened. Nobody should condone what the US did, but Serbia should not have given them the excuse to do so.

The Albanians in Kosovo didn’t attack the Serbs, it was the Serbs that attacked the Albanians. Every family was affected and had members killed and plenty more still missing.

The Serbs know where the missing men are, but refuse to tell, as they keep this information as a bargaining chip. A few years ago, they revealed that there was a mass grave under a car park, when they wanted something in return. Many bodies were taken out of Kosovo in trucks and the trucks dumped in the Danube. Other bodies were burnt as fuel in the power station. The believed hiding the evidence, would make them the victims.

Then there were over a thousand women raped by Serbian soldiers, some in front of their children, who are still traumatised by witnessing this. The Kosovars are the victims from the war and still being verbally attacked by aggressive Serbs. You don’t even have to be Albanian to get a tirade of abuse from Serbs.

Serbia threatens to poison Kosovo water and men were arrested trying to do so in the reservoir. Food manufacturers in Serbia, that is destined for Kosovo is made in a different part of the factory than food destined for other countries. Serbian flour sent to Kosovo was not fit for human consumption. People will not buy anything made in Serbia, because of all these threats. Yes now they cry because Kosovo has put a 100% tax on goods from Serbia. Nobody in their right mind would eat anything made in Serbia, after they have threatened to poison it.

Serbia worships Russia and Putin, yet at the same time were responsible for starting the Arab Spring for the US and also responsible for shipping arms to ISIS in Syria. They are so two faced, that they hate Muslims in Kosovo, of which the majority are non practicing, yet support Syria only because Russia does.

All the time Kosovo is in the middle of the Russia v US cold war, which never ended. The US is using Kosovo as their state in Europe, just to get Serbia away from Russian influence. The Kosovars are suffering on all sides, because the US don’t give a shit about them, as their main aim is to get Serbia into the EU at all costs.

Thaci is the US puppet who, went from Prime Minister to President with the help of the US. He is a war criminal, corrupt, giving contracts to his brothers, known as the mafia and is the most hated person in Kosovo. He is in the position he is because of the US and the US are protecting him. He does what he is told to do, with the aim to get Serbia into the EU. The mass exodus of young people a few years ago, was due to Thaci being made President, when the young saw no hope in the country while he is still in power.

If it were any other country than an American protected one, the US would have invaded and put in a puppet government. Well they did anyway, this is the most corrupt country, but the corruption is all protected by the US.

A tiny country with the biggest US base outside of the US and one of the biggest US Embassies, just been built. The majority of people in Kosovo want it to re-join Albania, along with the biggest opposition party, but of course the US will never let this happen, as they see it as THEIR country. The opposition party had the most votes at the last election, but the US make sure they will not govern. Many politicians have been put in jail and called terrorists. One young member of the party, who was a student studying to be a doctor, was even killed in prison. This is how desperate the US is to remain in control against the will of the people.

The US Embassy even shows a photo of the the FSA flag, proving their support for the terrorists.

The Kosovars have no voice, so the Serbs spread their propaganda about Kosovo all the time, which is full of lies. When world travellers enter Kosovo from Serbia, they are always told a pack of lies, only to find out on arrival that they were lied to.

Here is a documentary, recently made about the war and the stories of ordinary people and what they went through.


I have heard horrific stories from locals for years and I have been the recipient of Serbian abuse and I am not Albanian.

The war on Kosovo was the US success story, the war on Syria is their failure. The problem being there was no war on Kosovo by the US,  Milosovic’s actions, handed it to the US on a plate. Yet he is still worshipped in Serbia.

Any comments on this story saying Kosovo is Serbia will be deleted, as I am sick of Serbs parroting this phrase. It is sad that you have to travel to a country to find out the truth in this world of lies. Luckily I have been to both Syria and Kosovo and seen the lies and propaganda about both. Most of the lies coming from those that have never been to either.